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Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I went back to last year and checked my New Year's Resolutions and I didn't do so hot.


I did make Pasties but never got around to trying to make Pierrogies.
I did take a couple of intense Bible Study classes, as well as, doing my own Bible Studies.
I read 59 books so I met my quota of 52. AND I did book reviews on all of them on my blog.
I still haven't found anything to volunteer for other than help Elaine and Melinda with their dog rescue organizations. We are still looking for a church. That is a sad commentary!
We didn't use our gazebo more, in fact, I don't know that I sat down in it all year.
I didn't publish my family genealogies. Although I've done tons of work this year and have tons left to do.
I haven't figured out how to cope with crowds other than avoid them.

So this year's New Year's Resolutions are...

1) Take at least one indepth Bible study.

2) Finish my work on my genealogies so I can publish them.

3) Find a church and find a way to get involved.

4) Read 52 books.

5) Continue to go to my C.R. class. Go at least 40 times over the year. (It meets every week.)

6) Learning more history of our area and taking photos to document our town as it is today. I've already started this project and I want to continue.

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