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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Italian Greyhounds Need Clothes

My sister, Melinda, makes wonderful coats and snuggle sacks for dogs. You can contact her at this email address:

Why do Italian Greyts need clothes?
1) They are a toy breed. They were bred for nothing but being an inside, companion dog. They were not meant to be in the Alaskan wilderness pulling sleds in below zero weather!

2) They don't have a lot of fur and their fur is fine. Melinda calls it "eyelash fur" because it's so short. Without a coat designed for the outdoors, they get cold easily. There are Toy Breeds like the Pomeranian and the Pekingnese that have double, dense coats because they were bred in cold climates to be bed warmers and foot warmers. I.G.'s were bred in more southern climes.

3) They don't carry much weight (or shouldn't). These are miniatures of the larger running hunters like the big Greyhound. Greyts are called Sight or Gaze Hounds because they hunt by sight (vs. smell) and run the game down. The miniatures were not meant to be real hunters but to look like them. They have the long thin legs with no meat on them and, miniaturized, this makes those legs the size of pencils and easily broken. They shouldn't carry much weight on those long, thin legs. Without the fat, they get cold.

4) Their body makeup is long, tall, sleek (aerodynamic). So they can't curl up as tight in a ball like a Malamute can. The big Malamutes were designed for the arctic weather and they have the double water resistant coat, the right amount of fat and they can burrow down in the snow and curl up in a tight ball so that feet and legs are covered (because they have the less fur and meat for protection). Their nose is tucked next so their warm breath warms the feet/legs. The tail curls around last so that the plume can further protect the face, feet, and legs. An Iggy has such long legs and skinny tail and they can't wrap into that sort of ball.

5) Of my 3 Iggies, 2 have had broken legs repaired with metal plates and screws. Since their legs and feet get cold faster you can imagine the ache they would have if their legs get cold and the metal plate gets cold.

6) Even in the summer, we live in an air conditioned house and they are floor level (heat rises) so they get cold. With such little fur, they can also get sun burned. So I use t-shirts in the summer to help them stay warm. They like to stay on the bed because it's higher off the floor and, therefore, warmer. They still burrow under the comforter to stay warm.

But in the Winter, they wear the fleece, quilted coats that Melinda makes for them. Here is Persephone in her lightest winter coat. Notice the Poddle applique Melinda put on!

Here is Spunky Monkey in his fleece monkey coat.

Here is Capo in his fleece "dogs in space" coat

Here is Dresden in his baby blues!

Here is Little Miss MoneyPenny in her fleece pink poodle coat with lace trimming.

Here is Little Miss MoneyPenny in her dazzling silver evening coat!

Melinda made this snuggle sack.

And here are some of her latest designs.

One of her Min Pins is little Winnie Pooh-Pooh. Melinda made her a chic satin kimono!

This is for those biker dogs!

Here is one of Melinda's Miniature Pinschers named BeeBee in his Micky Mouse coat.

This is Cinnamon and she likes coffee with LOTS of cream and sugar (caffeine is bad for dogs). So Melinda found this coffee flannel and made Cinnamon a coat!

Here is Winnie Pooh-Pooh in her latest lace ensemble!

I've also bought some overcoats from Puttin On The Dog. She does excellent quality work too.

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