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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Household Tips

It's been awhile since I posted some good household tips:

Keep 2 or 3 tennis balls in the dryer - it increases efficiency by 25-30%

Grind up rice (about the same amount as the coffee beans you use) - it cleans the grinder AND sharpens the blades.

Fill an old sock with baking soda, tie off the end and place in the shoe. The sock can be reused several times.

Don't toss empty wipe containers. These plastic boxes are useful for storing all sorts of items. And the rectangular ones are stackable to boot! Wash the containers and let them dry, then fill them with everything from sewing supplies, recipe cards, coupons, and craft and office supplies to old floppy disks, small tools, photos, receipts, and bills. Label the contents with a marker.

Did you know that my Russian friend actually filled her suitcase with plastic grocery bags when she went home after a visit to America. She said they come in so handy. We are so used to them that we forget that they can be used. I do recycle my leftover plastic bags. Here are some other wasy to use them:
* as small trash can liners (in bathroom or bedroom)
* as pooper scooper when you walk your dog
* as packing in shipping packages
* fill an outdoor pillow with plastic bags which don't mildew
* keep some in a diaper bag to hold soiled clothing
* use to hold wet bathing suits until you get home
* if you don't have a garbage disposal, then keep a small bowl or bucket and line with a plastic bag to put all your scraps and leavings in, then go put it on your compost pile
* use plastic bags over your socks before putting your feet in your snow boots, might keep them drier
* when you walk your neighborhood, take a plastic bag and pick up trash as you go
* use as a trash bag in your car
* use for picking berries, greens, cukes, and other fruits and veggies
* store used paint brushes in them and stick them in the freezer
* line paint trays with plastic bags before pouring the paint in
* donate them to your local thrift store
* http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2007/08/plastic_bag_crafts.html

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