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Friday, January 09, 2009

Baby Brett Is Born!

I will be adding video when I get it processed

Our niece, Jenny, went into labor Thursday morning and called from the hospital. It took us 3 hours to get there but Elaine, Ronnie and I made it. Grandma Peggy and Aunt Kathi and Kathi's daughter, Katie, got there just before we did. Jenny had already had an epidural and she was showing no pain or distress. Kyle was just plain excited. He said, one time, that he was ready to run a marathon!

Jenny had a nice big room and we were allowed to go back there any time until just before the baby was actually born. Not long after the baby was born we were allowed back in.

Here we are in the family waiting room...WAITING!

Ronnie, the Grand Poopa

Elaine, Baby's Grommie

Aunt Kathi and her daughter, Katie

Jenny's friend, Lauren, and her 9 wk old baby, Owen, came too!

Great Grandma Peggy

About 10 mins before the baby was born, Elaine and Ronnie and Kathi came out of her room and we all gathered in the hallway. At first the big double doors to the mother's rooms were open and I was able to use my video camera down the hall directly to her door. I got Peggy and Ronnie sneaking up to the door to listen and all the sudden we heard Baby Brett's little cry! He was born at 5:40pm, 7 lbs, 7 oz, 19" long with a head of strawberry blonde hair! Grandma Peggy started jumping up and down and ran down the hall back to the waiting room where we were standing around. The double doors closed after that so no more hall videos! LOL! Elaine and Ronnie got to go in first and Elaine got to hold Baby Brett! In a little while we got to go and take photos and videos while they checked Brett out.

Jenny had no trouble birthing at all! It was a miracle. She had no pain or distress and the baby came quickly. She said it wasn't hard at all! Boy, things have come a long way in the baby birthing department! We are so thankful that her pregnancy was easy, she worked the day before Brett was born and the birth was so easy for her! God is good!

Kyle was so proud of Mama and Baby he could have popped!

Melissa was a great nurse!

Kyle was talking to his parents!

Checking his reflexes.

Hello baby Brett! Welcome to this world!

Dear Father God, we thank You, thank You, thank You! In Jesus' precious Name, Amen!

His name is actually Brett Robert (not Robert Brett).

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