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Contact me at Mom25dogs@gmail.com

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Some Scrapbooking

This scrapbook page is of our nephew, Luke with his girlfriend, in front of an F-16 like he will be learning to work on. This was made at his Basic Training graduation. For my inspiration, I used a layout in the November/December Making Memories, pg 60 by Heather Strasburg-Burch.

This layout has our nephew's portrait, as well as, photos with his Mom and Dad, Elaine and Ronnie, at his Basic Training graduation. I twisted the ribbon and ran it around the scalloped edge. I matted the photos on gold paper.

I made this card for my husband for Valentine's Day. It's tri-fold tied together with the ribbon. I used a rubberstamp to stamp out the butterfly on lavendar paper and on vellum. I found part of a poem by John Greenleaf Whittier for the inside.

I Am From...

I am from...generations of solid Christians, Baptist ministers, deacons, Sunday School teachers.

I am from...the days of Black & White TV, 3 channels, manually adjusting vertical lines and putting tin foil on the rabbit ears to try to get rid of snow in the picture.

I am from...I Love Lucy, Captain Kangaroo, Looney Tunes cartoons.

I am from...Campbell's chicken noodle soup, popcorn, and iced tea.

I am from...the whirrr of the sewing machine, cigarette smoke, cups of coffee and soap operas on quiet afternoons.

I am from...Nancy Drew, children's mysteries, Victoria Holt and the classics.

I am from...Krispy Kreme Donuts, hard work as a waitress at an early age, and working harder because you were family.

I am from...summer days at the lake, running barefoot in the grass, hot dogs, watermelon and sparklers.

I am from...doctor visits, surgery, medicine every day, fear.

I am from...Vick's Vapor Rub on my chest, mustard poultices, aspirin for colds.

I am from...Barbie dolls, books, and dress up.

I am from...a wonderful family, lots of love, lots of time, lots of teaching.

I am from...insecurities that came from nowhere, fear that was based on nothing, nervousness that agitated me for no reason, shyness that held me back.

I am from...church, Sunday School, Bible teaching, Vacation Bible School.

I am a sinner saved by grace.

I am a Christian.


A Spring dinner with family!

I used my Spring china which has beautiful violets.

Blue, White, Yellow

My kitchen is painted this shade of brilliant blue and trimmed in glossy white. I added bright, primary yellow for accents. This wall vase fits in nicely.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Guests

For the wonderful people who take the time to sign my guest book...I can't email you back without an email address. If you would like to correspond, please leave your email address in your comments. And thanks for all the warm comments!

A shout out to Prancealots Min Pins in Nashville! It seems that, as I was doing a Google search for Min Pin photos, I came across a shot of puppies that shows 3 different colors of the Pins, all in one photo! I used that photo to show the colors and Prancealots recognized their babies! I own some Pinheads and Iggies (or they own me) and I did a lot of research on the breeds using Google searches. This is where I came up with my Min Pin info and Iggy info. It's the way I come up with everything. I remember the days of the Encyclopedias and long afternoons at the library but now I do everything with Google over the Internet! I'm also involved in dog rescue and have been networking with people using Yahoo message boards and have I ever learned a lot from the knowledgeable people I've met this way!! Anyway, that is how I came to write my Min Pin and Iggy posts.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day Ideas

Put cinnamon red hots in water in ice tray. Serve them in a glass of juice or tea.

Take a small clay pot and decorate by painting little red hearts on it. Fill up the pot with Hershey's Hugs, Hershey's Kisses, cinnamon red hots, Valentine's Day Conversation candies, etc.

Spray paint a basket any color and put you favorite stuffed animal in it. Trim with Valentine's red bows, lace, etc.

Get Sundae fixings (ice cream, fudge and butterscotch toppings, whipped cream, chopped nuts, cherries, the works!). Don't forget dishes and spoons. Set everything up and let your family make their own Sundaes or make a Sundae or Banana Split for your special someone.

Make some heart shaped pizzas. Use a heart cookie cutter to cut hearts out of toasted bread. Spread a little pizza sauce on it and top with some mozzarella cheese and broil long enough to melt the cheese.

Make some heart shaped breakfast. Melt butter (or olive oil) in frying pan. Using heart cookie cutter to cut out heart shapes in bread. Put the bread in the frying pan and toast one side. Flip bread and crack an egg in the heart shape in the center of the bread. Slowly cook to make a poached egg/soft fried egg in the bread.

Or make heart shaped pancakes. Take a large tuna can and cut off the top and the bottom. Scrunch and pinch one side in to make the can a heart shape. Place in the frying pan and pour the pancake batter in the heart shape.

Make a no-sew red-and-white ribbon tablecloth. Drape wide red ribbons over the length and width of a plain white tablecloth for a dramatic, romantic effect. Sprinkle a few rose petals on top and place lacy paper doilies under your china.

Leave sticky notes around the house for your loved one to find.

Add a love note to their lunch bag.

Surprise a spouse or loved one at work with a picnic lunch at the office (if it's appropriate). Make a nice basket and a small cooler and fill with some of your best recipes. Here are some ideas: condensed tomato soup cut with a can of beef broth and add a 1/2 tsp of horseradish; washed and topped fresh strawberries; deli cheese with some gourmet crackers; roast beef sandwiches on special bread; sliced cucumbers in sour cream with dill; some expensive chocolates; raspberry tea; strawberry tea; crab cakes on toast; etc.

Use a video camera and microphone to make a music video for your loved one. Lip sync to a love song and share it after dinner.

Go dancing without leaving home. Remove all the furniture from the dining room to create a dance floor. String white holiday lights around the room, play a romantic compact disc and perhaps even dress up.

Back rubs are very romantic. Make a fun guessing game by using different items from around the house to give each other back rubs. Award kisses for correct guesses.

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