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Contact me at Mom25dogs@gmail.com

Friday, February 08, 2008

Luke in Tech School

Luke is now in Tech School at Sheppard's Air Force Base in Texas. He will be there for 14 weeks. He likes it a lot better than basic training!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dog Clothes

I am a dog person and the dog breeds that I have (Miniature Pinscher and Italian Greyhound) are cold intolerant breeds. They don't have enough fur or fat to keep them warm, even indoors. So, of necessity, they have to have shirts or coats depending on the weather, even indoors. So I get to have fun with their clothes. My sister, Melinda, makes wonderful coats for my little brood and they wear them day in and day out! She makes them all fancy but they are very durable. But I buy a few other things just because they are cute. I'm always on the lookout.

I went to Petco to get their dog food yesterday and here are their new spring fashions!

I can just see one of Elaine's tiny Pomeranians, Tiny Tad, wearing this little jogging suit with matching jacket!

My husband would kill me for saying this, but wouldn't this jacket be cute for a dog who goes along to work with his Master? It's so business like! They even had some tweed looking jackets.

These adorable daisy dresses would look so cute on Persephone, my tiny Italian Greyhound.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Luke Graduated From Basic Training

My nephew, Luke, graduated from Air Force basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX last weekend. My sister married my husband's brother so Luke is my double nephew and he and his sister are like our own. My husband, Stan, Luke's parents, Elaine and Ronnie, Stan and Ronnie's mother and Luke's girlfriend, Hannah all got to go down and see him graduate.

Stan took this photo of Ronnie, Elaine, Peggy and Hannah. This was the first morning there and it was very windy and cold. They were there to see the jogging parade where the young men come out jogging and come over Hydration Bridge and show off.

Here they come over Hydration Bridge.

This is the Coin Ceremony I think. I have pointed out Luke on the photo. Remember you can click on the photos to see them zoom up.

Luke and Hannah

Luke with his parents, Ronnie and Elaine.

Luke with his Grandma Peggy.

Here is Luke and Hannah in front of an F16 like the one he will be learning how to work on.

Graduation Ceremony

I have identified Luke in this photo so zoom in. He is the first one in the first line just behind the short fellow.

After he graduated. I love this photo because he his holding his mother's hand.

This was his barracks.

Stan took this photo just for me because he knows how organized I am and what a mess Luke was. I can REALLY appreciate this!!!! Go Luke!

Downtown San Antonio, TX

Los Alamos

River Walk in San Antonio, TX

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