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Thursday, December 25, 2008

2008 Huneycutt Christmas

Every Christmas morning my family gets together for brunch. This year it was at our house. We missed Jenny and Kyle this year. Jenny can't travel since she's so close to her due date. But Elaine, Ronnie, Luke and Hannah are going down to Charleston to take their gifts to them and to see them. Merry Christmas, Jenny!

Ronnie fried up the leftover ham from last night. It was great!

Mom with one of the Panera Bread bagels. I bought a couple of dozen and some cream cheese.



Some of the gifts.

Lee wasn't feeling real good but he came.

Hannah was a little sleepyhead!

Luke and annah can fit together in this big chair!


I didn't feel so great today either. Knowing Christmas is over is very depressing to me and I know I'm going to have that feeling. So I get busy. I don't want to give into it. So after brunch and some visiting time, I hit the kitchen and cleaned up. Everyone left for home about 1:00pm and I did what I always do...I took Christmas down! I took down the decorations, cleaned them and put them away. Then I dusted everything. I felt too bad to vacuum and mop but Stan pitched in and did it for me. So by 2:00pm I was in my pj's and I laid down for the rest of the afternoon. I read and took a nap. My back is killing me and I ache all over but the house is in good shape with no trace of Christmas. Ronnie is the same way and we always tease each other to see who got the decorations taken down first. I bet I won this time! Video of Huneycutt Christmas

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