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Monday, December 01, 2008

2008 Harris Thanksgiving

Evans and Chelsea brought these beautiful flowers for the main table.

Peggy working away in her kitchen

Ronnie taking out the sweet potato casserole

Elaine putting her cakesquares on a cake plate

Kathi helping out in the kitchen


Jenny is pregnant with their first child, a boy!


Katie and her boyfriend, Dustin. Notice all the men watching the football game on TV.

The Group Gathering

Stan getting some of my cheeseball


Evans fiance, Chelsea, is so good with Logan

Evans, Chelsea holding Logan, Hannah and Luke

Hannah and Luke have been married a month and a half!

The spread!

Stan digs in and my plate is full too!

Luke and Hannah compare feet!

Elaine, Ronnie, Luke and Hannah don't look so happy in this picture. It's because we are all so full and can't lay down and take a nap!

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