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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Taking Photos To Help Dogs Get Adopted!

Taking photos of dogs who need adoption is important. A good photo can make or break their chances of adoption. Here are some bad photos:

Here are some good ones:

It's much like "staging" a home to sell. You want to try to "stage" the dog so that people will see it's possibilities. You want to have a good camera and good editing software. Try to take the dogs out of the kennels so you have a nice outside background. Background is important. A dirty kennel, concrete floor, fences can destroy the photo's appeal. It's best if the dog is groomed. No one will give a second look at a stinking, matted, filthy dog. They can't use their imagination to see past the mess and smell. It's great if you can humanize them with a scarf, hat, funny collar or toy. Try to catch a happy or devoted look on their face. Edit out any reflective "pet eyes". Black dogs are hard to photograph except outside. Taking a photo through the kennel fence doesn't work well. The camera tends to focus on the nearest thing...the fence... instead of the dog. Unfortunately, people don't have enough imagination of their own so you have to do it for them. Staging the dog to suggest a happy, healthy, loving, clean dog that will give you hours of play time and years of love is what can secure that dog a home.

We volunteered to do this for our local Humane Society for a year. I loved doing it. We wore closed toe shoes and old clothes. We sprayed ourselves down with bug spray so we don't bring home fleas or ticks. We took good digital cameras and digital video cameras along with a box of toys (that are washed each week, no dog got the same toy so we didn't spread disease between dogs) and some treats to entice them and get good photos and videos. We washed our hands with antibiotic hand cleaner between dogs and wash our hands several times in the bathroom. When we came home we stripped down just inside the door and threw everything, including our tennis shoes, into the washer so that we weren't bringing any diseases in to our dogs. I even sprayed my car mats with Lysol.

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