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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jenny's Baby Shower on Saturday, 11/8/08

I hostessed a baby shower for Jenny on Saturday. Elaine made the cake and it was the best cake in the world! She just used Pillsbury box cake mix but instead of whole eggs, she just used egg whites. She also provided the punch and nibblers. I really appreciated that. I was really able to enjoy the party this time instead of getting all nervous.

Elaine made the corsage and table arrangement! So cute!

Aunt Janis came and brought little Preston, her grandson. David and Candace had Preston about 7-8 mos ago. He nearly died but is now a healthy, happy little boy and we couldn't keep our eyes off of him! God is good!!!!

Jenny looks great and the baby is rolling and kicking. She says he starts kicking in the middle of the night.

Here is Jenny with all the gifts her Mom & Dad gave her.

Left to right is her first cousin, Katie, Jenny and my Mother , Jenny's Grandmother.

Mom with Jenny

Jenny got some wonderful gifts!

This is Jenny with the framed print of Jesus with children. Mom had that framed and gave it to her to keep and pass down to other children in the family.

Jenny's Grandma Peggy. Peggy has given her a box full of stuff already!

I bought her some books and Melinda did too. So we intend for this baby to be a reader!

A little cowboy shirt!

This little airplane was bought with Kyle in mind!

Jenny's Aunt Kathi

Jenny, Katie, and Jenny's sister-in-law, Hannah.

Jenny's Aunt Angie

Jenny's Aunt Melinda



Luke looked in on the party!

Katie and Kathi

Aunt Melinda shows Jenny the baby quilt she quilted for her with Bazooples.

Peggy checking out the scrapbook pages I did of the disco party.

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