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Monday, November 24, 2008

Incriminating Evidence by Sheldon Siegel

Sheldon Siegel is a native of Chicago but lives in San Francisco. He has been an attorney in private practise for 20 years in corporate and securities law. This is his 6th novel.

This book has a hero named Mike Daley. Daley is an ex-priest attorney who is in practise with his ex-wife, Rosie Fernandez. They have a daughter named Grace. They are still very much in love and spend a lot of time together. The story starts with the rich, politician Prentice Marshall "Skipper" Gates. He is San Francisco's District Attorney and is running for Attorney General. He is married to Natalie and has an adult daughter named Ann who is also ambitious and scheming. Skipper is found asleep in a hotel room with a dead male prostitute handcuffed to the bed. He has not memory of how the prostitute died but he is arrested and being prosecuted by his own office. He calls Mike Daley because he trusts him and Rosie. They take on the case and it's on.

It's a little slow because you get more than halfway through before any clues start showing up. I got a little tired of adding more and more to the "unexplainable" but once it started falling into place it picked up. I really liked Mike Daley and Rosie and the rest of the family. But this book also shows the worst of humanity and I wouldn't recommend it to sensitive people or the young generation. It's just very adult subjects. But, otherwise, I liked the book and would read more of Siegel.

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