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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Thank God For...

Having the energy to get my Thanksgiving cooking done. I started about lunch time and worked on it for about 4 hours. I had to make Broccoli Salad, my Tangy Cheeseballs, a tossed salad, and got the mis en place ready for my Turkey Frame Soup. It doesn't sound like much but it did take me all that time to cut everything up and then get it all cleaned back up. I got it done! And I'm so tired but it's done! I'm just so thankful that I didn't have one of my bad days today.

That our garage project is moving right along. We haven't given up on it.

The Bible. I may have thanked God for this earlier, I can't remember. But God was so good to make sure that we had His Word to read so we can get to know Him better. He worked through thousands of years and lots of history and through many men to get His Word to what we have now. Every word is God breathed and faithful and true. And, in our time and in America, we have many translations to choose from so that we can understand. It's not in olde English any more. And then there are the Study Bibles and/or Study Helps like Bible dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps, commentaries, etc. On top of all that, as a Christian I have the Holy Spirit instilled in me to help me to understand and learn and remember the Word. And the Holy Spirit makes the Word personal to us and our situations. So we have no excuse for not reading the greatest book in the world.

The new addition to our family that is due in January. My niece, Jenny, and her husband, Kyle, are expecting a little boy in January. So far, everything is looking good and we thank God for a healthy baby and a healthy mother.

Being able to get together with both our families for Thanksgiving tomorrow. We will meet with the Harris' and their big turkey dinner tomorrow and then my family for Turkey Frame soup on Friday. Then there will be all those leftovers. Believe me, our families cook so much that the tables groan with the weight. We are so blessed. So many won't have family together, or won't want their family together. So many won't have that much food, some may even be starving. Some may not have large homes and warmth and comfortable furniture in order to entertain. We are blessed beyond the best!

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