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Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Thank God For...

Good health care. It's not what it should be but God has used my husband's medical insurance and my doctors and medication and physical therapy to help me and He has made sure I've been taken care of. So I'm thankful for their willingness to work with the sick, their education, their experience, their aptitude for the medical field.

I thank God today, despite being damp, cold, and gray I didn't feel bad. I usually can hardly get around on days like today but I was able to do some errands and get a few things done around the house with only a couple of hours in bed resting (not hurting). So I'm so thankful! I went to the DMV to get a new tag for my car and I took my littlest dog with me. My dogs help alert me to a low blood sugar attack. She was starting to whine to alert me but I just thought she was excited about all the people. They made me leave her in the car and by the time I got back in, sure enough, I had a low blood sugar attack despite eating an egg/bacon bagel this morning. I wasn't expecting that but I was starting to shake so bad that I couldn't hold my paper and I had to wait 30 mins to get my tag. I called Stan to alert him but thank God had 2 glucose tablets in my purse and they worked this time and I was alright. If I had just paid attention to Persephone I would have taken them 5 mins earlier and not had the severe drop.

Cell phone. I know people get aggravated with cell phones but I love mine. We no longer have a landline. If I need help, I can call Stan no matter where I am...like today in the DMV, or on the side of the road, or at the hospital, etc. It's a lifeline for me. And I don't think talking on the cell phone while driving is any worse than all the other things we do while driving like putting ketchup on french fries, stirring your coffee, picking up baby's pacifier, putting on mascara or lipstick, changing your CD, switching CDs for your book on tape, making out your deposit slip, etc

Electricity. Even though it's already dark outside I can sit here in my study with lights on, computer going, my coffee maker keeping my coffee hot, the TV on, etc. I'm not sitting in the dark or trying to read by candlelight like our forefathers had to do.

For my hearing. I can hear the TV, have conversations with family and friends, hear my dogs do their yodeling duets, listen to the radio, hear the preacher and praise and worship music, the sounds of nature...I'm blessed that I can hear.

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