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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Thank God For...

My computer and the Internet. I know that the Internet can be used in shameful ways and I know it's been a temptation and a snare for many. But I have used my computer and the Internet responsibly and it has been a great blessing to me. I Google something everyday and I learn so much. I appreciate all the information that people have made available for free and I hope I've responded in kind with the information I put on this blog. I appreciate all the ideas I've seen and the creativity that people have. I appreciate all the work in genealogy that has been done and made available for free. Almost all of my hobbies include my computer from scrapbooking to genealogy to history to networking about dog rescue, etc.

Water. I live in a country that tries to make sure we have clean water and an abundance of water. There are so many countries who don't have reliable, safe, clean drinking water or they have a well in the center of town and they have to cart water buckets. I can turn on a tap and have clean water to drink, for cooking, for cleaning and bathing. We are so blessed to have water. And I thank God for making water. We see rivers, seas, lakes, brooks, waterfalls and we are in awe of His Majesty! We even try to mimic His Work by having "water features" like swimming pools, fountains, mini-rivers and mini-waterfalls in our backyards and we enjoy the sound of water.

The Sun, Moon and stars. God created these heavenly bodies and they are not only beautiful but they keep the Earth moving and productive. They've guided mariners to safe harbors. They've given us a silent witness and testimony of God's redeeming love in the stories of the constellations like Leo (the Lion of Judah), etc. (see a Bible study I did of the constellations and their witness of God.) We have gravity, seasons of the year, days/nights, all around the Sun and Moon. We can look into the heavens and the see the gazillion stars and remember that the Bible says God made them all and knows them by name.

From A Scrapbook of Me
Clothes. We are so blessed in this country to have the income and stores to buy clothes and shoes. I have a walk-in closet for just MY clothes and shoes. Many people throughout the world have nothing to wear and go barefooted or they only have 2 changes of clothes and 1 pair of shoes. In this country, generations ago, houses were built with no closets, just pegs, because most people only had 2 changes of clothes...their everyday working clothes and their Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes. Later people added chiffarobes (aka wardrobes) to hold their few clothes. Once we no longer had to grow the cotton, pick it, process it, weave it and sew our own clothes...we began to buy more clothes and we had closets built into new homes. Now Americans expect big walkin closets in their master bedrooms along with closets in every bedroom plus our bedroom suits include dressers for all those folded clothes. There is a whole industry in closet organization so we can fit more clothes in our closets. Used to, people had to carefully pick the thread out of worn out clothes in order to save the thread. They saved the buttons and zippers. They would turn their clothes inside out and re-make them so they looked new. When the clothes were too bad to use, they were cut into squares to use for rags, rag rugs or quilts. Charities rarely got good clothes but now, you can cull out clothes and take them to Goodwill and many people, including myself, buy the thrift clothes because they are in such good shape. We are so blessed!

Glasses. I have had bad eyesight since I was a little girl. For many years I wouldn't wear my glasses because I thought I looked awful but I finally got to where I couldn't see a lick and it was affecting my daily activities so I bought some glasses and now I don't know what I would do without them. I fall asleep with them on my face. I'm up to trifocals now but I can see to read, do my computer work, my scrapbooking details, watch TV, etc. There was a time when people didn't have the blessings of glasses and good eye care and they had to make do with dimmed eyes or near blindness. Many in the world today are starving and glasses are the last thing on their list of needs but can you imagine how blessed they would feel if they suddenly got the glasses they need. I'm thankful that we can afford for me to go to an opthamologist every 2 years and get new glasses. I got some this summer. It's too expensive but at least I got them when many others can't.

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