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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Am Thankful For...

I am thankful for all my nieces and nephews. They range in age from 25 yrs old to 5 yrs old and they are all smart, kind, did well in school, etc. We love each of them and pray for them daily!

I am thankful for the sense of hearing. I can hear music, the voice of my husband when he comes home and calls my name. I can hear my dogs barking and their yodeling duets. I can hear my brother-in-law when he's working in his yard. He and I both whistle (I hum a lot too) so you can hear us when we are working around the house. I can hear the kids at the nearby school when they have band practise or football games. I can hear the sounds of a Southern summer evening with the crickets. I love to hear the sound of water whether it's a river, the sea, a fountain, a brook. God blessed us with this sense so we could appreciate His creation. He blessed us with 5 senses and He engages all 5 in His artwork called "Earth".

I'm thankful for all the hard work that my husband has done around our house. He can do almost anything and we have remodeled extensively in our home to update it and make it work more and more for us. I'm thankful most of the work is behind us and we are living in the enjoyment of the fruit of his labor. We thank God for the money to do it and for his talents and good health to do it.

I thank God for trees. Yes, trees. I just heard today that England has to import most of it's wood because it no longer has a lot of forests. It's an island and, like most islands, it's natural resources are limited and do have an end. Once they cut down all the trees for firewood, houses, buildings, fences, wagons, etc. then they were out of luck. Back in the old days they relied heavily on wood for fires to warm and cook with not counting building houses and barns and outbuildings. Today, we are blessed in America to have so much land that we can re-plant our forests and still have room for farming and industry too. We have millions of acres protected by our government too so that we DON'T shoot ourself in the foot. Today we use wood in America as though it were nothing. We take it for granted that we can build houses of any size just depending on our income (not limited due to limited space or limited materials). We take it for granted to use toothpicks, pencils, paper and newspaper made from wood. We put up decks, fences, outbuildings without thinking what if we didn't have wood readily available. And, of course, that doesn't take into account how trees help us from being a Sahara desert and helps protect from soil erosion like they had during the Dust Bowl. And the trees clean our air and give us oxygen and shade and beautiful vistas.

I am thankful for bathrooms. I did a history on the bathroom and personal hygiene ( http://sharonscrapbook.blogspot.com/search/label/bathrooms ) and it made me realize how blessed I am to be living in a time when we have indoor plumbing, fresh water, very functional fixtures, the ability to keep it all clean and hygienic. And, in America, we don't just have little bathrooms that are only functional but we have expansive bathrooms with double sinks, toilet/bidets, separate tub and shower, and lots of storage. And we expect more than one bathroom per household. We expect to have 2-2 1/2 baths AT LEAST. Many new homes have a bathroom for each bedroom. We take it for granted that we can turn on the tap or flush the commode but if you look at my history of the bathrooms, it was not always so easy and convenient. In fact, of all the thousands of years that human beings have lived on this earth...it's only been in the last 75 years that bathrooms have moved inside the house and added indoor plumbing, electricity, public water and public sewage treatment, etc. In the 1960's there were still homes that used an outhouse in the rural areas. I remember when my uncle helped put in an indoor bathroom for his parents in their small farm house. My Grandma and Papa built their farm house when Dad was in high school in the early 1950's. They included 1 tiny indoor bathroom but the water from the well was so poor that it turned everything rusty and ruined pipes. So they still drew buckets of well water and heated it on their cooking woodstove (which was in the same kitchen as the new fangled electric range) and poured it in the bathtub to try and save the pipes as much as they could. I took a bath like that while visiting them. In the old days it was a big to do to draw all that water and heat it and get the tub out and set it before the fireplace so you didn't freeze to death. So they re-used the water and if you had a big family or only bathed once a week or less, then that water would get pretty dirty and murky. Father started and then mother and on down the line. This is where you get the term, "Don't throw the baby out with the bath water!" And there are places in the world today that still live like that. So I'm very thankful that I live in a time where I can easily and conveniently bathe and wash my hair every day with hot water, I can brush my teeth and keep my hands clean, I can go to the bathroom and not worry about having to deal with my own waste, and I can keep my bathroom clean and hygienic and attractive. God is good!!!

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