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Sunday, November 09, 2008

I Am Thankful For...

My husband and his talents and his good health. He is a good man and we've been married over 31 yrs now!

My dogs! I have 3 Italian Greyhounds and 2 Miniature Pinschers and they bring me so much joy! I adore them. They have taught me about communing with God. My dogs look for me, they are so happy when I come in, they jump in my lap and smother me with love, they snuggle in contentment just to be in my presence. I talk to them and then sometimes we cuddle without any words at all. Just the melding of our hearts, the knitting together in love. That is they way it should be with God and myself. I'm happy to be in His presence and happy to be with Him. I can talk to Him and just commune with Him and our hearts melt together in love.

My home. We love our house and our neighborhood and where we are located. We love our hometown and that all our family is close. We love SC, the South and the United States. I love that my sister and brother-in-law are just behind us. I'm thankful for heat/ac, electricity, comfortable beds and furniture, our appliances, etc. We are just so blessed with our home and God is the provider and protector of our home.

Our vehicles. I love my Trailblazer. It's big enough for me without being too big. I'm not a small person so I need something this size. It's comfortable and we have heat/ac, satellite radio, Onstar, automatic, etc. It makes for a much more pleasant ride when you go somewhere. I'm thankful for Stan's truck. It's just right for him and it is so useful. It's got the heat/ac and automatic and radio. And it's paid for! We are thankful for our cars and the gas in them. God provides and protects our vehicles.

Our yard. I never thought I would be happy with 1/2 an acre. I liked being separated and sitting in the middle of 100 acres like we were on the farm. But, as we grew older, we wanted more house and less land. Now our yard is easy to care for compared to bushhogging a farm. I'm thankful that our neighbors keep their yards looking nice and it gives all of us a pleasant view from our windows and porches. I love flowering plants and trees and so we plant stuff that flowers like gardenias, camelias, dogwoods, azaleas, tea olives, etc. Stan built us a screened in gazebo and we have a patio and a porch so we get to enjoy nature in our own little yard.

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