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Monday, July 07, 2008

July 4th, 2008

My husband's side of the family always get together at his sister and bil's house. Kathi and Eddie host the 4th party because they have a swimming pool and because their subdivision is pretty flat and new (trees aren't too high yet) which allows us to see fireworks all around us. We usually have hash (Stan makes a good hash) or hot dogs/hamburgers. But this year, Stan smoked Boston Butt roasts and shredded them for sandwiches and he made 4 beer can chickens on the smoker grill. We had cole slaw, potato salad, baked beans, peach cobbler, blueberry pie, chocolate cake, etc. Whewee, we ate 'til we were stuffed!

Peggy, Meg and were the representatives from the older generation there this year. We missed Peggy's sister and bil. Our generation was represented by Stan, myself, Kenny, Anna, Ronnie, Kathi, Eddie, Angie and Kathy. We missed Donnie and Elaine. Elaine had to stay home with her dogs because of the fireworks. The younger generation (from 23 yrs old to 5 yrs old) were represented by Katie (and her boyfriend, Dustin), Evans (and his fiance, Chelsea), Logan (the 5 yr old), Luke (and his fiance, Hannah), and Kathy's daughter. We missed Joshua, Jacob, Aaron and Jenny (and her husband, Kyle).

We had a great time together as usual! I stayed up late Thursday and Friday night and I paid for it the whole weekend but it was worth it! I've been in bed Friday, Saturday and Sunday except for those two "parties", but it was worth it and I thank God that we have such a close family and such good times together.

Katie and Dustin playing around in the pool.

Stan on the deck talking with Eddie.

Logan made this arrangement for Kathi.

Kathi working in her kitchen.

Eddie grilled some hot dogs.

Ronnie swimming in the pool.


Evans and Chelsea are keeping an eye on Logan while he's in the pool. Ronnie, Stan and I were there too.

Logan is learning how to swim and enjoyed showing off his skills.

Logan kept throwing his Barbie dolls into the pool while Ronnie enjoyed teasing him.


Now that all his Barbie dolls are in the pool, he's getting ready to get in himself.

He's about to jump!

Eddie takes a break from grilling.

Peggy watches Logan from the deck.

All the athletic ones played volleyball (that let's me out! LOL!). Girls against boys!

Logan sticks to Chelsea like glue. He loves her and she's very good with him. She let him tag along with her in the volleyball game.

Katie serving.

Angie gets ready for a good hit!

Ronnie serves.

Luke serves.

Kathi hits that ball! Go Kathi!

Kathi and Katie are both athletic.

Chelsea serves.

Girl's huddle and Ronnie tries to listen in to the strategy.


Evans and Dustin


Katie and Logan watched from front row seats.

Fireworks are a little loud for Logan.


Hannah and I watching fireworks.

Stan and I watching fireworks.




Stan and Angie

Evans and Chelsea

Peggy, Ronnie, Kathi and Kenny


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