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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Here Are Some Photos Of Our Dogs Tonight

MoneyPenny relaxes in one of the many dog beds throughout the house.

Here MoneyPenny gives one of her boys their nightly face washing. Spunky cannot go to bed with a dirty face. She does this for each boy and Persephone.

She thinks I'm her big dumb puppy so she gives me a face washing every night too.

Persephone on her usual pillow on my bed.

The boys are in a frisky mood!

Capo flips over on his back and rolls around!

Dresden shows off his beach shirt.

He shows off his diaper too! They think they are such big boys to wear diapers. Iggies are notoriously hard to potty train so my boys wear infant diapers held in place with a belly band when they are in the house. On days with good weather I take the diapers off when they get their play time outside. On days with bad weather they sometimes get diaper rash and have to have some medicated powder. The infant diapers are a real good solution.

Capo in his beach shirt.

And here is his diaper! He's so proud of his diapers.

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