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Monday, May 12, 2008

Myrtle Beach

One day we drove down to Garden City to eat lunch at Sam's Corner.

It may be "world famous" but it wasn't the best hot dog I've ever had and the onion rings that we divided gave us approximately 3 onions rings apiece. But not bad either! Just my opinion. We noticed everything was "Voted Best _____________ On The Beach". We made a joke of it and wondered who did these surveys and how they were done. There were a LOT of "Official Myrtle Beach Visitor Centers" too. Evidently ticket offices to sell tickets for shows, etc. If there weren't so many, it might have been a slick marketing trick, but, as it was, it was just funny! And how do all those t-shirt/beach merchandise/souvenir stores make it. If you go down Hwy 17 they are one after the other on both sides of the street. There is no way that they can be making enough money to stay open with so much competition so why are there so many. I just have to wonder what else is going on behind the scenes at these places.

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