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Monday, May 12, 2008

Myrtle Beach

Bike Week officially started Friday, May 10, 2008. We had the place to ourselves until Wednesday when bikers began to come in. It became a steady stream through Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Friday the campground was full of the noisy motorcycles. We even thought about going home a day early because the noise was so irritating but we had already paid for the night so we stuck it out. I didn't meet any rude or mean people, it was just the noise of those motorcycles. Oh, and my dogs and I almost got run over by a drunk man driving his golf cart. He had another drunk man hanging off the back. He was not driving on the road but whipping between campers and bath houses trying to knock his buddy off and they were having a great time. But it was dangerous! He was looking right at me as I walked the dogs down the road and I knew he saw me but he was coming right for me and I didn't know which way to jump! He whipped over at the last second before hitting me and my dogs. So I didn't walk the dogs again. But otherwise they seemed to be well behaved, it was just the constant noise. If someone needed to go to the bathroom, they jumped on a Harley, revved it up and puttered to the bath house to show off. Or just cranked it up and sat on it. That's not counting the constant noise from Hwy 17 which was like angry bees in the background.

My opionions:
You can tell I'm not a big fan of motorcycles. I think they are one of the most dangerous things that mankind has built and I don't have much use for them. They are uncomfortable to ride on, they are un-ride-able if the weather isn't just perfect, they don't carry much so aren't practical, they are dangerous and, in most instances, they seem to be some type of symbol (money, bad boy, sexual, etc). You'd be more honest if you would just wear a sign around your neck that says, "See what a mean, tough, bad boy I am," or "Look how much money I can spend," or "I've got the biggest _____." I'm not a fan of sports cars for the same reasons. They aren't practical, they aren't comfortable, they have way too much power for a country that has speed limits, they get you in trouble because of the tempting of all that power (you don't believe it, why do insurance companies have higher rates for sports cars?), they waste gas money, they are dangerous (being so small or convertibles), and, many times are just phallic symbols. They don't interest me. This is just my opinion and I'm sure there are many people who have other ideas. My sister and her husband ride motorcycles and my brother-in-law bought my sister-in-law a new sports car for her birthday and my uncle drives one. So I know there are other opinions, it's just mine. I don't have much use for them and don't intend to have one. It's not a secret desire of mine. I really felt sorry for motorcyclists in Myrtle Beach when they were caught in the rain. Talk about miserable. It rained really hard Saturday night and Sunday morning. We saw some on their way home and having to ride in the rain.

But, back to Bike Week 2008. It was amazing to see so many motorcycles. The TV is telling us the economy is bad and gas prices are killing us. But it hasn't stopped us from Bike Week! People from all over came rolling in with big campers pulling big motorcycle trailers. Buying those campers, motorcycles, trailers, paying for the gas to drive there, paying the campground fees, then driving motorcycles around all day to show off their machines. All this costs money and people are still willing to shell it out. So as long as we are still willing to shell out the money for gas, the gas prices will continue to go up. Just my opinion.

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