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Monday, May 05, 2008

Myrtle Beach, SC

We took our camper to Myrtle Beach Saturday and are staying for the week. We have some wonderful friends who used their truck and time to take the camper for us and we followed behind. We brought 3 of our 5 dogs - Capo, Dresden and Persephone. They have done very well although it took them a couple of hours to get used to the new home. And they still HATE the water! I've tried every day to take the boys to the beach. Dresden won't get off the boardwalk, I have to carry him. Capo will follow me down about halfway to the water and then he balks. Persephone goes into terrors and just climbs me and shakes. I didn't attempt to take her again so I just walk her around the camper. I'm hoping the boys will get more used to the beach so we can walk on the beach. The little munchkins get a lot of attention when I walk them.

Here are the dogs getting used to the camper. It's so comfortable that it didn't take long!

The camper has done well. We've been through some rain and no leaks. We did forget a bunch of stuff no matter how organized I was! But I've cooked breakfast, lunch and dinners and it has gone well. We've been able to easily use our bathroom. (This was the one thing I was most disgusted with in campers...bathrooms that aren't big enough or tough enough to actually be used!) This bathroom is just big enough for us to use.

Stan and I put up a screen room outside and we have some nice zero gravity lounge chairs. But the one time I went out there and sat in the chair, I looked down at my feet and I was being swarmed by fire ants and I got bitten again! I'm allergic to them and this is the 2nd time this year I've been attacked and it's not even summer yet! I took some Benadryl and went to the office to find out where the nearest emergency room was in case I would need a shot like I have the last 2 times. Thankfully, the Benadryl did the trick this time and I didn't need a shot after all. God is good! But now I'm afraid to go outside and sit in the screen room. And it's too hot on the beach. I can't take the heat or the sun (sun poisoning and fair skin and skin cancer runs in my family). So I'm having to stay inside a lot. But that's OK since the camper is so comfortable. I have slept a whole lot and read a lot. I've also done some scrapbooking. The campground has a very nice coffee house with free wifi and this is where I am now. I'm enjoying a good cappucino and enjoying the quiet.

Stan has been on the beach most of the days but has come in at lunch for a couple of hours. Yesterday we went driving around and got some coffee and a sweet. Today we went to the laundromat and read while the clothes washed and dried. Then he went back out on the beach until supper time. I'm taking the dogs on walks and have even ridden Stan's bicycle. We went out tonight, after supper, for another sweet and to drive around. We found the Barefoot Landing, Tanger Outlets, Boardwalk, etc. We may go shopping some tomorrow.

I made a salad and he grilled steaks and baked potatoes yesterday. Tonight I made spaghetti and the rest of the salad.

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