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Monday, April 28, 2008


On Saturday I put a little dress on Persephone that my sister Melinda found and bought for her! Isn't she cute!

I took Dresden, Capo and MoneyPenny to a Rabies Clinic at our Vet. We left early and did some yard sales and so they were yappy and happy. Then we got to the Rabies Clinic and there was a long line. It was so exciting and they stayed in the car and barked at all the other dogs. By the time we finally got our shots and started home, they were so tired that they were all asleep by the time I got to the highway! Dresden flopped in my lap and fell asleep.

At first Capo collapsed in the passenger seat and fell asleep in the sun but once the air conditioning started cooling the car down, he also climbed in my lap and slept on top of Dresden.

MoneyPenny likes to be in control so she always gets up on my shoulders so she can see where we are going and tell me where to go and how to drive. Talk about our backseat driver! But, here she was so tired and slept the whole way home.

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