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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Lighthouse by P.D. James

I love English mysteries and I really like P.D. James. This novel was a great one.

Combe Island off the Cornish coast of England serves as a place for men/women in high authority to find peace and vacation with security. It has a house and a handful of cottages with a staff. Everything takes a turn when one of the guests is found hanging from the railing of the lighthouse. Considering the VIPs that use this island, Inspector Adam Dalgliesh and his two assistants, Kate Miskin and Francis Benton-Smith, are sent to handle this death delicately.

The novelist, Nathan Oliver, and his daughter, Miranda, with his copy editor, Dennis Tremell, have come for their regular 2 week visit every quarter. He is the last person who was actually born on the island and anyone born on the island is allowed to come and stay any time. He is not a nice man and is threatening to move on the island permanently. But he is found hanging from the lighthouse and his death is being investigated.

While on the island, one of the guests comes down with SARS and spreads it to Inspector Dalgliesh before he is diagnosed and removed from the island. Dalgliesh is also struggling with his love for Emma and his desire to marry her.

Very good book!

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