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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bless The Lord

Psalm 29:2 Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name; worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.

How can we fulfil this command? What does it mean to give glory to the Name of the Lord? Let's break it down.

Does the Lord need anything from us? Does He need our praise and worship? If I don't give Him praise and worship what happens? No, God doesn't need anything from us and, yet, we need all things from Him. We cannot even take a breath without it being due to His beneficence. My heart could stop right now, my lungs could refuse to function, or the oxygen I need could be withdrawn at this second...but, God, in His mercy, provides another beat to my heart, another intaking breath to my lungs, more oxygen to fulfil my need. So I need God but does He need me? How thankful I am that He has provided for me!!!!

If I don't praise Him, will He die? Of course not! But He has so desired the relationship with His creation, mankind, that He created a world for us, created us to live in this world, reached out in relationship with us, sustains us, and, despite our sins and rejection, He sent His Son to die for us so that we could be in relationship with Him once again for eternity! I don't know why God loves us like He does. I don't know why He went to such lengths to have us as His children...but, oh how I THANK HIM for that love, for His mercy, for His grace!!!! How I thank Him that He didn't leave us to what we deserve...hell on earth and hell in eternity due to our willful sinfulness.

So, now we know that God doesn't need our praise to survive but He desires our gift of praise given from a loving heart. We also know that we have every reason to praise and worship Him. So, how do we do it? How can we bless His Name?

Let's think about how we show our admiration to humans. If you really admire a rock star, do you ignore him? Do you mumble something? Do you sit on your hands? Do you stay home? From what I've observed, if people really like a rock star they go to all the concerts, buy the albums, listen to the music over and over again, dress like the rock star, shout and scream and wave their hands when he comes on stage, sing along with the rock star, etc.

So why do we ignore God throughout most of the week, mumble a few prayers on Sunday, sit quietly in the pew and take a nap? Or maybe we don't even go to church. We don't tithe, we don't study His Word, we don't know the words to His "music", we don't shout, scream and wave our hands in His Presence. Then, guess what, you aren't praising Him!!!

If you really love a movie star, how do you show it? You talk about her all the time, you wear your hair like hers, you go see all her movies, you have posters in your room of her, you go see her at every nearby appearance, you shout your admiration and grab at her to get her autograph, you know everything about her.

So why do we rarely mention God in our conversations? Why don't we dress and act like He would have us dress and behave? Why don't we go see Him every chance we can and have pictures of Him in our homes? Why don't we shout our love from the rooftops and get to know everything we can about Him? Guess what? Because we don't love Him enough to praise Him!!!

If we like a political candidate and really support him, how do we do it? We talk him up to all our friends and family, we go to his/her appearances, wave posters, scream and holler, shake their hands, give money to his/her campaign, make speeches.

So why don't we tell our friends and family about God? Why do we think going to church is such a drag? Why don't we march and wave posters and scream and holler to show our support and love? Why don't we give testimonies of God's goodness and give tithes and offerings to His campaign to save the world? Because we don't really believe in Him and therefore don't support and love Him!!!!

Now, we are getting the picture!
* God loves us and desires our praise and worship as a gift from a loving heart.
* God doesn't need us but we need Him.
* He loves us, but we must love Him and from that love comes our praise and worship.
* To show our appreciation and love, our admiration and support, our respect and adoration we need to express it in many ways - in our behavior, our dress, our conversation, our testimony, our giving, our conversations with Him (prayer and meditation), our attendance to His Church, our reading and studying of His Word, our verbal and physical expressions of worship, our homes should reflect our relationship with Him.

It is the nature of worship to give Him the glory that is due Him. Not because He is arrogant and tyranical and demanding but because He has given so much to us and loves us so much that it is only natural and spontaneous for us to react with love and gratefulness and worship and respect. Human beings become arrogant, spoiled, demanding, disrespectful, hoity toity when they get the adulation of the crowd. But NOT God! He is holy, perfect and He is love. But it is good for us to realize this and our natural response is love in return. It's how we are made. If it weren't for sin, we would live in this communion with God. Love constantly being reciprocated back and forth between God and His beloved creation, man/woman. God has given us some examples of this kind of love communion. Maybe you have experienced it...the love that flows even without words between a husband/wife, parent/child or a master/dog. I can hold my dog, look into their eyes and my heart feels the love the dog has for me and my dog feels the love I have for them even without words. I've felt it when I held my niece and nephews as babies. I breathed in their baby smell, kissed them, snuggled them and whispered silly words of love and saw their eyes light up, their little lips respond with a smile and some coos. I've felt it when my husband and I are wrapped in each other's arms and I know he understands me. This is the kind of communion God wants with us and we can have it because of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross! We have access to the Father and we can express our love to Him and share His love for us. We can know that He understands us and knows all about it. He knows us more intimately than our spouse, our dog, our child can possibly know.

He is worthy to be adored. He is worthy to be respected and held in awe. He is worthy of our love. He is worthy of our attention and focus and of our top priority. He is worthy of our praise and worship. AND, it is good for us to do this. We are made to be His children and to be a reflection of His glory. When we do what we were made to do, it blesses us as well. We receive such blessing ourselves! It's better than taking a vitamin, antidepressant or a drink of liquor! It lifts us up, encourages us, give us enthusiasm and relaxes us. And that is just the physical and emotional side of it. I believe that spiritual things happen on our behalf in the spirit world when we praise God. I don't do it for the benefit I get from it, but I thank God for the benefits I receive. Another reason to praise and worship Him!

So spend some time this day praising and worshipping God!

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