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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Persephone Broke Her Leg

I let all the dogs outside in the beautiful sunshine yesterday in our fenced in backyard and walked up to Elaine's (they live right behind us) for a few minutes. I hadn't been gone 10 minutes when Ronnie came up to the house. He had been working in his backyard and heard Sephy squealing. He brought her up to me and said she had a broken leg. Thank God, Elaine and Ronnie were home because I don't do emergency situations well. Ronnie held her while Elaine immobilized her leg and Elaine drove us to the Emergency Vet. I'm ashamed to say I was hysterical and cried all the way. I fell apart because 1) I can't stand physical deformity like a broken leg, it literally makes me faint and like I'm going to pass out, I have no control over this; 2) She was in pain and she's such a tiny little mite and I can't stand for them to be in pain; 3) My husband has already had to pay for two broken legs on Dresden and now Sephy's broken leg and it's a LOT of money and I know he's going to be a LOT not happy (although he agrees that it has to be done); 4) I'm an experienced dog Mom and dog rescuer and, with all these broken legs, people will think I'm a terrible Mommy and that my dogs are being abused.

Sephy showed much more fortitude. Other than biting Elaine when Elaine was trying to immobilize her leg, she just laid on the pillow and licked my tears. Bless her precious little heart! They gave her a sedative and put a temporary cast on her at the Emergency Vet and made arrangements for me to take her to Upstate Vet Specialists. She's so little that the cast was too big for her to walk around with. I woke up every hour to find her under our covers and make sure she was OK and breathing.

This morning, I had to take her to Upstate Veterinary Specialist Emergency Room in Greenville. They admitted her and will keep her until tomorrow when she will have surgery to fix her leg at Upstate Vet Specialist's. She may have to spend a 2nd night (I think Dresden had to when he broke his legs). Her break is not in as good a point as Dresden's were. He had clean breaks in the middle of his front legs. Her's is a clean break but closer to the joint without as much room for screws and plate. Dearest Lord, I hate to leave her with strangers! But, everyone that saw her fell in love with her so I am praying that they will have compassion on her and will show her every kindness. God has to be there because I can't. And I'm so thankful for Elaine and Ronnie helping me when I almost collapsed. Melinda helped me with Dresden the first time and Stan helped me with Dresden the second time and those were bad, but my reactions are getting worse rather than better in these situations and this time I really freaked out.

The Vet at UVS assured me that this is normal injuries for Iggies. They have long, thin legs with no muscle or meat on them and therefore no protection from breaks. It's part of owning Iggies. As the Vet said, "Their legs are like screaming 'Break me'". Each breed seems to be susceptible to their particular problems. For Pommies, collapsed tracheas are common. For German Shepherd Dogs (GSD's) hip dysplasia is common. For Iggies, broken legs are common. I know in my heart that my dogs are as well taken care of as any dog in the world. They are treated like our children and we do everything we know of to provide and protect them and yet, this is our 3rd broken leg. I am experienced and knowledgeable about dogs and our breeds in particular and yet things happen. It was no one's fault. There is no one to blame. I have made ignorant and stupid mistakes in the past but, there wasn't even a stupid mistake on our part this time. You do all you can do and deal with the rest as well as you can. I can say that now in my right mind but yesterday, all sanity fled and I was holding my baby girl on a pillow trying to keep her leg still and sobbing like a child as she licked my tears away.

It's going to cost probably $2500+ to do this but what choice do we have. I know that many people would ridicule us for spending so much money on a dog. My husband has been kidded at work. But let's think about it. In this case, it's just a broken leg that can be fixed and she should have a 100% recovery with excellent quality of life. If she was dying of cancer or was old and wouldn't live long anyway, then other decisions might have to be made. If we were so poor as to not be able to have her leg fixed, we would have to think of something. You don't put a dog down for a broken leg considering she's young, healthy and has excellent prognosis. And we could have used the money more effectively, but this happened and we will have to tighten our belts and do what we have to do. So putting her down is not an option. In fact, our only option is to make sure we get the best care we know how to give. I've been assured by several Vets that just removing the leg is every bit as expensive as having it surgically restored plus you will have a dog that has 3 thin legs they are hopping and running on which could result in other breaks. It's a better situation to keep 4 legs. We are not the type of people to drop a poor, tiny dog with a broken leg on the side of the road somewhere. And I'm glad we are not that kind. There are enough of those kind in this world already.

I don't know why God allowed this to happen. You could say that we could have better used this money to give to a charity so that it would help people. I agree but you will have to take that up with God. We didn't make this decision. It's not like I kicked her or Stan threw her down on the floor. It was an accident and we weren't even in the yard when it happened. So God has a reason and I feel in my heart that we are doing what He would have us do. These dogs are in our care and we try to be good stewards to the best of our ability. I think we would displease God if we put her down or left her on the side of a road because it shows such cruelty. Now if I had a child and a dog and the child and the dog both needed surgery and I only had money for one, the child would have the surgery and we would have to make decisions about the dog. But that is not our situation. We feel we are doing the best we can in the situation God has put us in and it is up to us to keep the right heart and motivations and it is up to God to fix everything else.

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