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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

I saw this and thought it is a great idea for organizing under sinks. The middle section is big enough and deep enough to catch any leaks.

Under my sink I've used plastic dishpans or aluminum oven liners or roasters. I place them directly under the pipes to catch any drips. For instance, one day I began noticing water coming out from under the kitchen sink. Somehow the garbage disposal had loosened and all that yucky water was spilling out. I had an ovenliner under the sink but it only catches a cup full so it had already filled up and overflowed and had filled the cabinet and begun draining out of the cabinet. That meant pulling everything out, removing the shelfliner, wiping it all out with a bleach water. Thankfully my cabinets are the older real plywood ones (not particle board) or they would have been ruined. After it dried, I put everything back. I have gone with a deeper container under the sink now. If your cabinets are particle board, I would recommend a deeper container to try and catch it all because any dampness on particle board makes it start swelling and it is ruined.

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