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Friday, March 07, 2008

Dinner in Columbia, SC

Today we went to Columbia, SC to meet with Jenny, Joshua and Jacob, 3 of our nieces and nephews. Jenny's new job required a week of training in Columbia. Jacob is in college at USC and Joshua is working at the Columbia Public Library. We are still shocked to see them all grown up. They are very smart and we are so proud of them. Joshua did so well in college and now he's graduated and working. Jacob is doing well in his classes with A's and B's. Jenny has graduated and is married and is working. It's amazing. We still see them as babies and toddlers! We have 9 nieces and nephews. They range from 25 down to 4 yrs old. Jenny and Joshua have graduated from college. Luke is in the Air Force. Jacob and Evans are in college. Lee is working. Katie and Aaron are in high school and Logan is in kindergarten. Each one is so special and we love them and are so proud of them.

Mom, Stan, Stan's Mother, and I got together and drove to Columbia and got there about 6:15pm. We met them at the hotel that Jenny is staying at and took them out to eat supper at the Texas Roadhouse Steakhouse. I had to take Persephone with me because, with her broken leg, I can't leave her. I don't want her to be alone and trying to jump up on the furniture and I didn't want to leave her in her crate for hours at a time. She is such a comfort and loving little thing.

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