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Contact me at Mom25dogs@gmail.com

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Guests

For the wonderful people who take the time to sign my guest book...I can't email you back without an email address. If you would like to correspond, please leave your email address in your comments. And thanks for all the warm comments!

A shout out to Prancealots Min Pins in Nashville! It seems that, as I was doing a Google search for Min Pin photos, I came across a shot of puppies that shows 3 different colors of the Pins, all in one photo! I used that photo to show the colors and Prancealots recognized their babies! I own some Pinheads and Iggies (or they own me) and I did a lot of research on the breeds using Google searches. This is where I came up with my Min Pin info and Iggy info. It's the way I come up with everything. I remember the days of the Encyclopedias and long afternoons at the library but now I do everything with Google over the Internet! I'm also involved in dog rescue and have been networking with people using Yahoo message boards and have I ever learned a lot from the knowledgeable people I've met this way!! Anyway, that is how I came to write my Min Pin and Iggy posts.


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