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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Monk - Mr. Monk And The Two Assistants

I just finished this first in a series by Lee Goldberg starring Adrian Monk from the popular TV show. Mr. Goldberg has written episodes for the USA Network TV series called "Monk" and he is a two-time Edgar Award nominee. He is also the author of the Diagnosis Murder novels based on the TV series by the same name.

I was expecting a little bit better portrayal of Monk considering Goldberg's background. I felt he nailed the assistants, Natalie and Sharona, and the police captain, Stottlemeyer. But I felt he didn't catch the Adrian Monk as portrayed by Toni Shalhoub or Lt. Disher as portrayed by Jason Gray-Stanford. Of course, I love the TV series and my imagination already has Shalhoub's portrayal of Monk in place. I'm a big fan of Shalhoub. If you've never watched the TV series, you wouldn't know what I mean. Monk is freaky but not quite this freaky on the TV series. Shalhoub makes him understandable and the book doesn't.

That said, it was a fun, light mystery with a good ending. It's one of those reads good for the beach, on a plane trip, etc. It doesn't take a lot of concentration and is quick.

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