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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

We Spent The First Day of 2008 in Charleston, SC

On New Year's, Stan and I, Elaine and Ronnie drove down to visit with Jenny and Kyle. They moved this weekend into their on base housing. It's a really nice duplex, they have a lot more room and it's safer.

Stan and I had given Luke a washer/dryer when we moved from Tryon. Now that he is in the Air Force he doesn't need the washer/dryer right so he gave the set to Jenny. Elaine had also found a large bird cage at a thrift store for Jenny's bird and a filing cabinet. So they loaded the stuff on the back of Ronnie's truck and we followed them down in our Trailblazer. The drive was hard on all of us. Three hours down and three hours back in one day is too hard on us physically.

While we were there, Kyle took us on a tour of the base, we visited the BX and saw where he works. Then we went down to the Isle of Palms to walk on the beach. It was in the upper 50's and bright sunshine. But it was also VERY WINDY! So we had to wrap up in our coats. It still didn't stop Elaine from pulling off her shoes and walking in the surf a little while.

It was such beautiful scenes, I couldn't help but snap with my camera.

Here I am wrapped up. But it was exhilarating!
Kyle and Jenny on the beach.

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