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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Our House On The Farm

Our house on the Farm

This is the house that we built on the farm. It started off as a saltbox and I designed it and drew up the plans. This photo was taken in November 1981, right before we moved in.

I designed it and drew up the plans. Dad was the engineer and taught the guys how to build. Dad did a lot of work on our houses and Stan, Ronnie and Mike learned a lot from him and can now do about anything that a house needs. Plumbing, electrical, carpentry from basement to roof, sheetrocking, putting in doors and windows, finish work, etc. They learned some valuable skills while building our 4 houses. And two of Dad's nephews worked with him for awhile in high school and learned a lot of those skills. They can honestly say that these homes were built with their own hands and that is a big accomplishment.

This was our loft bedroom and bath. When we added on the front, we added 2 additional bedrooms. But this was the original bedroom.

Stan and Ronnie are sanding the big woodstove we bought to heat with. It was far too big for the house and we had to get a much smaller one. We tried to leave as many trees as we could to be ecologically friendly but it turned out to be a mistake. Those pine trees have shallow roots and they are tall and skinny. They catch the wind easily and are pulled right over. Then there are the pine beetles that killed the rest of them. So we had to cut all the pine trees down which left us a nice, big yard. Stan, Dad and Ronnie cut everyone of our trees except the one just to the right of the front door. It was too close and we asked a logging friend to lay it down to make sure the house was safe. I hauled and stacked wood for our woodstove. Then we had a bulldozer come in and get up the stumps and reshape the yard.

It took us 3 years to pay for and finish the little saltbox (that had a total square footage of 976 sq ft). Then we waited about 4-5 years to save enough money to add on. We re-shaped the roofline and added on to the front. We increased the square footage to 2400 sq ft. It was my plan and I drew it up to scale.

On the right side you can just see the entrance hall with the double windows. The front door is there with a small office on the other side facing the backyard.

The kitchen. You can't tell from here but I had a drop in glass top stove where the stove hood is and another full range on the right side of the pantry cabinet and a wall oven under the TV. Behind the TV is the large laundry room.

The windowless wing on the left is the master bedroom with walkin closet and en suite bathroom. Nice large master bedroom suite with a private patio and hot tub. Upstairs, on the front, we added 2 bedrooms with closets and downstairs was the new den. We turned the old den into the dining room and enclosed the old dining room to make a large laundry room. So we not only added on but were remodeling too. We lived in this mess for quite a while since we would run out of money. We finally completely finished every room just one year before we sold and moved away. We were very proud of all the work we accomplished and how nice our home was. The people who bought it rented it out since 2000 so it's not been taken care of like we kept it. And that makes us sick.

This is the master bedroom.

The window looks out on the private patio. There was a door onto the patio too beside the bed.

This is the den and entrance hall. The other door was the small office.

This is the dining room with the kitchen in the end of it.

During the 1980's I was really into the Waverly floral wallpaper, Victorian style! I still love that wall paper but it is busy for most people. I kept it immaculate and in great condition but the tenants after us painted over the wallpaper...plain ole beige. Then they painted the kitchen cabinets apricot and sponged beige on top.

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