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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Now Here Are Our Dogs!

Here is our little Spunky Monkey. He is a red Miniature Pinscher who had a head injury as a puppy. He is blind, deaf and may not have his taste and smell. He is also a little off balance and whirls. He gets along real well. He sure is a beautiful little Min Pin if it weren't for his handicaps. He has big ears but he keeps them straight up like he's suppose to.

Here is our little black & tan Miniature Pinscher...little Miss MoneyPenny! Notice her glossy coat?

See the 2 cowlicks on either side of her little bottom. Spunky has them too!

She is pretending to disembowel a rat instead of a pretty pink bunny!

She has a beautiful profile and nice markings. But her ears fold.

Our newest baby is Persephone, a tiny Italian Greyhound. She is the sweetest thing and the others adored her at first sight.

Here is Dresden's first sight of his new little sister. Notice the difference in size?

Capo loves to snuggle with Sephy and Spunky.

Capo shows Dresden affection by chewing on his ears and giving him duck nibbles.

Here they are on my bed.

I don't often see a naked Dresden. My dogs are always wearing something. But it was a warm spring day and he enjoyed running around in the sunshine naked for once.

On this cold, but sunshiney, day I had their housecoats on with an overcoat on top of that. I only left them outside for about 1/2 hour since it was too cold for them.

Here is Capo on a late Fall day. Spunky is in the background and you can just make out his two cowlicks on his bottom, on each hip bone.

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