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Monday, January 07, 2008

Luke and the Air Force

We have been in contact with Luke a good bit. As you know he joined the Air Force and is at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX for his basic training. He says it's hard, much harder than he imagined, but he's doing real good. He is in one of the best groups and is a leader of his group. He has learned how to take apart and put back together his M16 in less than a minute. We are hoping he will be trained in airplane or helicopter mechanical maintenance or whatever. He has those kind of skills naturally and he would learn a good skill. Stan was able to get airplane tickets for Mom, Peggy, Elaine, Ronnie, Stan and Luke's girlfriend, Hannah, to go and see him when he graduates basic training.

We've all been writing him a lot and he appreciates it! He says he gets more letters than anyone else and it makes him feel good. He says he wants long letters. He has been able to call a lot due to the holidays. Jenny's husband, Kyle, said he only got to phone home twice when he was in Lackland.

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