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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Having A Well

Back in the day...

This picture is 8-20 years old. I'm not sure how old. I know it was a couple of years before we moved off the farm.

My parents bought a farm and, slowly, over the years, we kept adding to the acreage. All 4 families built on the the farm and we shared a single well. It is a deep well on a fast moving underbody of water (you could hear the water. I think our house (nearest to the well) was actually on a rock shelf over this underground river because whenever you had heavy equipment working in our yard you could feel the vibrations as though you were standing on a sheet of rock over a hollow space. Anyway, it nevered failed that we would have well problems on the coldest day/night of the year. Suddenly all 4 homes would be without water! We can survive without electricity for while but not without water. So the men would have to get out in the worst weather to work on the well. Either a pipe busted or a the pump died, etc. They had to remove the well house and then use the tractor to pull out the pipe and pump, find supplies to repair it and then put it back together. This last time, Stan decided to build a big wellhouse with a removable section of the roof. He did a great job but we moved before we ever had to take the well apart again so we don't know if it works.

One time it was in an ice storm and another time was this time...in the low teens and they guys were soooo cold! You notice the scaffolding they had to build in order to get high enough over the well to pull out the pipe/pump. It was tied off to the big Poplar tree. Stan was wearing a jacket that a friend of ours got for him while he was stationed in Korea. It was a super warm jacket. Unfortunately, at another time, Stan melted a hole on the arm of the jacket.

This is one thing about living on the farm that we don't miss. We pay a hefty water/sewer bill each month but it's a lot more convenient than having that well and our septic tank. So I thank God for a good water/sewer system and the money to be able to pay that bill.

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