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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Day of the Dandelion by Peter Pringle

I finished reading Day Of The Dandelion by Peter Pringle. It was a good mild mystery.

Arthur Hemmings, works as a researcher at the Royal Botanic Gardens, but is also a spy for the British Secret Service, which sends him after a greedy multinational corporation that has nasty plans. The theft of some seeds at an Oxford University botanical laboratory nearly results in some decidedly bad guys gaining monopolistic control of the world's food supply. The Dandelion is one of a few plants that is asexual, meaning it does not have to have the pollen of a male plant to fertilize the seed of a female plant. An asexual plant actually clones itself so that it's a perfect reproduction. If scientists could discover this gene, then they could make any plants such as corn clone itself. Scientists could design plants and they would clone themselves. This could bring about specialized plants that could produce medicines, cures, etc. Whichever country or company finds the gene would have a monopoly and could make billions of dollars. When Professor Scott finds the gene, he becomes the interest of the big countries and companies. When he turns up dead, England calls in Arthur Hemmings.

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