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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Luke and Jenny

Here is Luke on a Christmas morning with his newe John Deere tractor and wagon. He and Lee loved their John Deere's and they all three participated in pedal tractor pulls until their legs were too long.

For the first time, we had Christmas without Luke and Jenny. Kyle and Jenny had to work and so they celebrated their first Christmas at home in Charleston. Luke joined the Air Force and is in boot camp in Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX. They both called and that helped us over the holiday. But it was still sad, especially for Elaine and Ronnie, not to have them home.

Luke called to say it was tough but he was making it. Although he's missing everyone, he said he has no regrets. I hope that's true because I want him to be happy. Anyway, his head has been shorn and he has his fatigues. He said the drill instructors were waiting for the bus and started yelling immediately. Kyle had warned him about that. He did go to the Contemporary Baptist Christmas Eve service and told his Mom he really enjoyed it although he got teary eyed when they sang Christmas carols because he knew his family would be doing the same thing at the Harris family party.

Jenny called. She was covered up with customers on Christmas Eve (she works at the Mall) but she called us after work and we all passed the telephone around and talked to her. Wonder what she got for Christmas?

Here is the first 5 Grandchildren (out of 9) at the Harris family Christmas Eve party. From Left to Right, standing: Evans, Luke, Joshua. From Left to Right, Sitting: Jacob, Jenny.

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