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Friday, December 07, 2012

Cheap Gift Wrapping

I wish I could say that I wrap Christmas gifts neatly or extravagantly but to tell you the truth...I'm a step above my Mom who still gives gifts in plastic shopping bags but way below others that make gift wrapping an art form. I do COVER the gifts but that is about as far as it gets. I hate wrapping! First of all I'm never comfortable doing it. If I do it at a desk or table, I'm standing the whole time. If I do it on the floor (like I did this year) I can barely get up and down so I'm all bowed over and still standing. Anyway I look at it I'm uncomfortable and in pain and I get tired. And, face it, there is never enough room! You have all these gifts laid out, then there are those ungainly rolls of wrapping paper. I like gift bags, those are the best thing since sliced bread. I stuff everything in gift bags and throw something on top to cover the gift and I'm ready to hand it out!

But I do admire those who wrap a gift so neatly. Despite my attempts, my wrapped gifts are kind of sloppy. One of my sil's tried to teach me how to neatly wrap a box during one of our first years of marriage. It helped, but mine still look a little lopsided, bows come off, etc.

Here are some photos of fancy gift wrapping and great tips and ideas that I found on the Internet:
Wrap Green! Use reusable gift bags.


These Green ideas came from him:

Use natural things to wrap and decorate with!

Use paper punches or patterns and scissors. Notice the eyelets that form the Champagne bubbles?

Use your printer to make gift wrap from one of your photos!

Use your rubberstamps!

You can buy baskets at thrift stores or yard sales easily and cheaply!

Use your paper punches to make a bow!

Use some velvet ribbon and a small pick of silk flowers.

Using white chinese takeout boxes is a current trend!

A tissue paper bow!

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