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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas Cards

I have always sent Christmas cards and Christmas letters. Over the years I acquired a lot of extended family and friends addresses and kept in touch with that once a year Christmas card. Unfortunately, I'm giving that up this year. Postal rates are outrageous, cards are another expense and people can keep up with us by reading my blog or emailing each other. Soooo, I've finally made the decision to stop the tradition. It had to come some time or another so it might as well be now. I hope I've not hurt anybody or made anyone feel like I don't care to keep in touch because that is NOT true. I'm hoping that my blog and emails can keep us more in touch than ever!

By the way, I have been a member of a rubberstamping group and have seen some fantastic work by women making their own cards. These look so professional and you would never know they are handmade with rubberstamp techniques. Here are a few of them:

This beautiful 3D creation is by Nancy Judd. Way to go Nancy! Check out her Blog! http://inkblocks.blogspot.com/
Nancy Judd did this embossed Christmas tree card. There is a lot of work in this card. Notice the layers of matting, the embossed circles that surround the tree. The tree itself is a rubberstamp. She chalked around it for the green "glow" and added little red jewels. Finally tying it with ribbon.Nancy Judd made this elegant holly card. Again, layers of work. Whenever she does a card, she doe sit right!

This stunning card was made by SueR. She used patterned paper to make die cut tags and then folded them to make the petals of the center poinsetta. The patterned paper may or may not be stamped. Also notice her layers of matting. Layers seem to be a big trend in paper art (including scrapbooking) right now. Check out her blog

These two cards are by Mary Lee Carroll. She doesn't mention if she has a blog. I love her creativity for both of these cards. Not only rubberstamped but she used glitter puff paint to outline the angel and to do the snow. She also used silver brads to make the angel dust. She used an origami technique to make the tree and did a great job on the pickup truck. I'm in awe!

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