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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Planning for Thanksgiving - Thursday

Do a Google search on the turkey to see how long your turkey (by weight and temperature) needs to cook. Follow the brining instructions and the cooking instructions. You can stuff your turkey but I prefer to cook my stuffing separate. If you cook the stuffing separate, then ream the inside of your turkey with butter and put some carrot, celery and onion inside the turkey to give it a little extra vegetable taste or apples for an apple taste. But there are lots of ways to cook your turkey and ways you can prepare it so do some Googling.

Make your stuffing. There are tons of stuffing recipes online so do a Google search if you haven't already.

Make your mashed potatoes or potato salad (which could be made ahead).

Make your gravy.

Be sure you have made up enough tea. Chill your drinks. Go ahead and make up several coffee filters with premeasured coffee and stack them in a bowl so it will make it quick and easy to keep the coffee coming! Pour out cream into your creamer and place in a bowl of ice, fill up the sugar bowl, arrange to have sugar free substitutes. If you make decaf AND caffeinated coffee then make a little sign and tape it on the coffee maker so that it notifies your guests what coffee is in the pot. One side of the sign says "Decaf" and the other side says "Caffeine". Put tape that faces one way and another piece facing the other way. Then you can just peel up, turn around, tape back down and vice versa.

Send husband or teen to pick up the bagged ice and put in a cooler in the kitchen for filling glasses.

About an hour before guests are to come, set out the cheeseball/dips/spreads and crackers. Be sure it is inaccessible to pets or small children.

Set up your buffet. There are ways to keep foods warm even putting them out early. Used chafing dishes, or microwave heat packs. I have several of the vintage electric warming trays that I use. If you buy them at yard sales...be sure the wiring isn't too old and is in excellent shape because you don't want electrical hazards. Also be sure that your buffet is safe from pets and small children. Close the dining room door or use baby gates or something so that they are safe from hot food falling on them or cats jumping on the buffet and making themselves at home. After the turkey is cut, keep it tightly covered with tinfoil so it won't dry out.

There is also a way to keep foods cold. You don't want salads with mayonnaise sitting out all afternoon. So use freezer packs or ice. You can use large bowl(s), put some ice or ice gel packs in it and set the salad bowl(s) inside the bigger bowl(s). You will probably need to put a towel under the tablecloth to absorb moisture so that the condensation won't ruin your wood table. This makes a miniature cold bar.

Wipe up the bathrooms and make sure there is toilet paper with extras in view.

Check the coat closet to make sure you have room for guests coats.

Light the scented candles (keep in mind if guests have allergies you will have to snuff them out).

Clean up your kitchen and set the dishwasher running.

Go take your shower and get dressed. Dress in something pretty but comfortable.

Unload the dishwasher.

You should be ready! Happy Thanksgiving!

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