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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Planning for Thanksgiving - Wednesday

Today is the day before Thanksgiving! Remember to take a few minutes for quiet time with the Lord. He never gets tired of hearing you say, "Thank you!"

Take your turkey out of the refrigerator (it should have been doing the slow thaw since Monday). You are ready to put it in the brine.
  • Wash your brining container
  • Prepare your brine and let cool
  • Place turkey in container
  • Pour brining liquid in, cover and keep cold (in refrigerator or with ice) Be extra careful with covering so that pets and children cannot get in or cannot tip over on themselves. If you are using a cooler, put a bungee cord around it. If you are putting it in your refrigerator be sure it is secure and not precarious. You don't want to jerk open the door and have a big pot of turkey and cold liquid dash down on you. What a mess!
Do your baking...pies, cakes.

Make up your green bean casserole and put in refrigerator.

Make your tossed salad. Make any of your salad dressings. You should have made marinated salads and relishes earlier this week.

Today is the day for the big house cleaning. Sorry, but there it is. You knew it was coming! Gird up your apron and get to work! Pick up, scrub those bathrooms, dust and windex, vacuum and mop. You may need to rearrange the furniture in order to make room for extra chairs. If you haven't already set up the extra tables and chairs, now is the time. Set the tables.

By the end of the day you should have a clean house, turkey brining, salads made, cheeseball and/or dips, spreads done, green bean casserole made (not cooked), pies and cakes done, tables arranged and set, Thanksgiving decorations and placecards done.

Go to bed early and get a good night's rest. You deserve it and you will need fresh energy for tomorrow!

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