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Monday, November 24, 2014

Planning for Thanksgiving -Monday

The rest of this week will be a heavy one so I hope you took my advice and took Sunday off to be with the Lord and rest up. Don't forget to take some time every day for quiet time to settle your nerves. Take your vitamins, eat well and don't miss any other medications you are suppose to take. This week is a marathon so treat yourself right so you can survive it and pass the finish line.

Get some of your weekly cleaning chores behind you by doing them today. It's a good day to get the laundry done, change the sheets. Leave your dusting, bathrooms and vacuum/mopping for Wednesday so that your house is in great shape for Thursday. But if there is anything you can do, do it today because the rest of the week will be wall to wall cooking and cleaning.

If you are having guests to stay overnight, work on their room and bathroom. Make sure you have clean towels, toilet paper and soap in the bathroom, extra blanket in the bedroom. You might add a tray or basket with some extras such as trial sizes of shampoo and lotion; a map of your town; bottled water; etc. Just little things that might make their visit special. Make sure you have a clock or clock/radio for them too. If there is a TV in the guest room add a list of channels (if your cable or satellite company hasn't sent you one, you can usually download from their website).

Clean out your refrigerator. Throw away all your old leftovers (or make a soup for supper). Merge the multiple bottles of ketchup into one and do this for any other multiples. Wipe it out thoroughly to make room.

Take your turkey out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator to start a slow thaw.

If you do your own bread for the stuffing, today is a good day to make and toast that bread and let it stand at room temperature overnight. Tomorrow you can throw into a food processor to make into crumbs. Then store in ziploc bag.

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