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Friday, November 23, 2007


I got little Persephone back in October. She is a 5 year old. She was rescued as a puppy from a breeder that just had the mother and babies in a milk crate on the porch in the winter. The rescuers were able to take all the puppies. The rescue lady that got Penelope (which I renamed to Persephone) kept her for 5 years. But she has a lot of dogs and she specializes in problem dogs and Persephone needed a home that she fits in without just being one of a crowd. I rescued a Welsh Terrier that had been brought in to the Humane Society. They were going to have to put him down because he attacked other dogs and cats unless a rescue would take him. Since I knew she could handle his problem we met and she too the W.T. While there I saw Persephone and fell in love and she was thrilled to find Persephone a forever home. One where she gets lots of attention, it's quiet and peaceful and she has other Iggies to play with. I fell absolutely in love with Sephy within the first minute and she's been everything I could have wanted. She is now an adored Iggy! She weighed over 4 lbs when I got her but I think I've fattened her up a little. She is the smallest Iggy I've ever seen! My other boys weigh 9 and 10 lbs! She's even smaller than my tiny Miniature Pinscher who weighs 7 lbs. (the Black and Tan Min Pin, MoneyPenny, weighs 9 lbs). She's missing a few teeth so when she's really relaxed she lets that tongue slip out. It's so adorable!

Yesterday I took her with me for our Thanksgiving parties. We met at my Mom's for Brunch and my In-Laws for evening Thanksgiving dinner. We left home at 8:30am and were back home about 12 hours later. The whole day she was perfect! She did get diarrhea from nerves (she absolutely ate no people food! so it had to be nerves) although she acted like she was calm as a cucumber. She sat in my lap all day. She was guiet and well behaved. I could not have been more proud! I get nervous in crowds (even though it's family) and it makes me so tired and I get too hot and my aching gets worse. So I like having a dog to try and take my mind off of it. It's like having a warm, furry worry stone. While we ate, I put her in the car. But then got her back out once I was through eating. (It wasn't cold here.)

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