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Friday, November 02, 2007

A Little Doggy Fun

All my dogs except my Spunky Monkey who doesn't know how to get up and down from the bed due to being blind. I put him up with the rest of us when I go to bed.

The boys are wearing belly bands (boy dog diapers) with large Serenity pads in them. Iggies aren't great for potty training. We use diapers and pee pads. If you see me buying big bags of Serenity pads...it's for the dogs, not me! LOL! They go outside once a day (unless the weather is bad) without their diapers so they can "breathe". Otherwise, they can get diaper rash like a baby does. Ever powder a dog's butt? I have! A little medicated powder solves the problem.

Persephone's skin is even thinner and more delicate than the boys. Yesterday she had bruised elbows. Sephy tried to jump on my office chair and she missed a little and it dragged her elbows across the nappy fabric as she slid. It grazed her elbows and gave her some red bruises.

I'm telling you, these dogs are very fragile and delicate and yet so agile (almost as good as a cat). If you get an Iggy you have to be aware that they are NOT rough housers like a Labrador Retriever. They like to tussle and wrestle but YOU have to be sure that you do it gently and are careful with them. And be prepared to pay for broken legs. Broken legs are expensive to fix in Iggies and yet they can easily happen. So the Iggies are really not dogs for people with small children who don't realize how rough they are. A child can forget and be running through the house and turn a corner and knock right into the Iggie. A total accident and yet it will cost you through the nose plus putting the Iggy through the pain. They are not dogs for people who don't have the time to put into them. They are very dependent on their people and very attached and clingy. They are not dogs for people who have carpet in their homes as they are notorious for being hard to potty train. They are not dogs for people who like the dog to sleep on a dog bed beside the bed...these dogs are cold intolerant and they LOVE cuddling up to you tight under the covers. With 5 dogs under the covers with me...I can barely turn over at night and then I have to wake up to do it so I'm sure not to roll over some long, thin legs. They are not for people who can't afford dog expenses. These dogs have to have good food, coats, doggy diapers, and I've already mentioned how expensive a leg break is. You can't throw these dogs out on a chain in the backyard and leave them to their own. They get cold, sunburned, depressed without their people, are delicate and very thin dogs so that they can die quickly if not kept under constant care. You need to do some research and learn about how to care for these dogs before getting one.

Persephone has a potty training problem. She hates to go outside and she uses the pee pads almost 100% of the time but she does have a problem. Occasionally she pees on my bed. She might would do this on my couch or chairs if she was left unattended in the rest of the house. Now, I don't know how to teach her not to do this since she only does it when I'm not around. They have the attention span of a 2 yr old so it's not like I can take her to the spot and fuss at her or spank her (and NEVER hit an Iggy hard, a light smack is all it takes). I mean it's been a couple of hours....! So what do you do? As a human being with good public school education, some college, and some experience (and if I didn't have experience I would find someone online who could give me the benefit of their experience, join a message board for your dog breed) I am responsible for coming up with a solution. So I keep extra sheet sets and thick mattress covers and a liquid barrier (vinyl mattress cover) underneath so that the mattress never gets wet. I just change the mattress cover and sheet set. I use white sheets so they can easily be bleached. Bleaching removes the odor too so it discourages her from continuing to do it. It may be an inconvenience but she's worth it! She is not left unattended in the rest of the house. Sephy's just a little, tiny girl dog that may or may not learn...I'm the human being with the brain, education, experience and ability to find the solutions. It's up to me and to implement them. Then if she makes a mistake, it's usually my own fault and up to me to fix.

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