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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New Italian Greyhound

Unfortunately, McGillicuddy didn't work out after all. He was too alpha male and being bigger than my others, he could have done some damage. There was never any fight but he was threatening to them so I decided to give him to someone who would know how to handle terriers and the alpha personality. My Iggies are so docile and I'm no dog trainer so I thought it best to get him someone who knew how to take care of him. I contacted a wonderful lady with Welsh Terrier rescue and she breeds and shows her W.T.'s. But, she wasn't able to take him right away so my sisters and I put our heads together and decided to call our friend, Christy. She is in our area and she is into fulltime dog rescue. She has a lot of experience with a lot of different breeds, including terriers and she has experience in animal psychology. My sisters know her pretty well and are confident in her abilities. So I called her and she said she would take him on. Then she said she had a tiny Italian Greyhound and would I be interested in her. She didn't pressure me to take the little girl but once I laid eyes on her I wanted her BIG TIME!

If there were such a thing as a "teacup" Italian Greyhound, this little girl would be one! She's so tiny and fine that you are afraid of breaking her if you hold her. She's only about 4 lbs compared to my other Iggies who are 9-11 lbs!

So I traded Christy McGillicuddy for Penelope. Gilly was a good looking, gorgeous dog and he really took to me. He was well behaved except for that alpha stuff and was in love with me. I hated it didn't work out. I really thought it would but you never know until they've been with you for a few days. I had him a week and he had begun to relax enough to start trying to work his way through the pack to be the top dog. I was afraid, it would continue to escalate and my guys are so delicate that they could easily be hurt. Besides the fact that I don't know how to establish myself as the alpha in his eyes. But I'm sure Christy knows how. If not, maybe my new W.T. contact will be able to shed advice or be able to take him by then. Meanwhile, he is in good hands.

And, I'm experienced in Iggies so I was able to help her out. I'm not sure if I will keep her name (Penelope) or come up with one of my own. I love unusual names and I have been naming my Italian Greyts after crystal or porcelain companies. Unfortunately there aren't many feminine names in that category.

She is so tiny, dainty, fine! I pulled out the smallest bib I had and made her a little summer cotton jersey coat. It's still too big, even with my cinching.

Here is her cheesecake pose. I pulled out a maribou sweater to put over her bib tshirt.

I bought her a new red kitty collar (the smallest I could find) with faux diamonds and a new tag with her address and phone #.

She tends to stick out her tongue when she's asleep.

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