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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Home Decorating - Vignettes


Here are a couple more vignettes in my kitchen. The knives and wooden knife holders are antique knives from my Great Grandma Addie Mae Michaels Barnes. Except the green one which has sentimental value to my husband's side of the family. It came from a manufacturing plant that my husband's father worked at all his life. Stan and his brothers also worked there until it closed down back in the 1980's.

The oak paper towel holder is conveniently located beside my microwave oven/oven duo. Covering your food with a paper towel before putting it in the microwave ensures that there is little, if any, splattering and keeps my microwave clean. On the little shelf I have a few things that I like. I got the blue bottle at a yard sale for .25. The Lucy card was a birthday card from one of my sisters this year and I Love Lucy, literally! The little doll china cabinet has tiny coffee mugs with the names of my parents, their daughters and husbands and 3 grandchildren.

This is one of 4 white shelves in my kitchen. With the 9' ceilings I could have these shelves to display little things. There is the Avon I Love Lucy salt & pepper shakers, some bottles, some colorful tins and a colorful little china figure that was from my Grandma's. The little white bird house is just cute, as is the little yellow bucket. The light blue knitted doll hat was included with a bunch of stuff in a lot I bought at a yard sale for .10. I washed it and hung it on this peg. I have a pretty English porcelain tray below the shelf. Below this tray is a bright yellow Homer McLaughlin plate.

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