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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I caught this picture of Dresden and Capo. Don't they look like bookends? It's amazing how these long legged dogs can tuck those legs up under them and get themselves into such compact little cirlces. They are wearing their summer t-shirts and their belly bands (male dog diapers). You can see the ramp that Stan made for them to get them up and down off my high bed. I also have dog beds on the floor around the bed and an ottoman for another jump-up-jump-down point. All of this because Dresden has broken his 2 front legs since I've had him. The first time it was trying to jump on the bed and he slid and hooked his leg in the bed rail. It's not only a painful break but an expensive break because it takes surgery to correct these tiny, long legs. I'm doing all I can to prevent this from happening again. Also, Spunky Monkey is blind and he has fallen off the bed before. Fortunately, he seems to recognize his boundaries now and wasn't hurt at the time but you never know when it could happen and he could land on his head and be killed. So I've made all the provisions possible to protect them. I've seriously thought of replacing my high bed with a new bed built on a low profile but that's pretty expensive and I've had my oak rice 4 poster bed for about 23 years now and I would hate to give it up since it's so good and strong. But I could have replaced the bed for the cost of Dresden's broken leg surgery!

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