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Thursday, August 16, 2007

From the smallest to the largest...

From the smallest dog (teacup chihuahua) to the largest dog (this dog is supposedly the largest dog in the world)...all dogs are precious! There are very few dogs that are born mean. Sometimes there are medical problems and those dogs need to be put to sleep because training can't change the organic facts. But they really are rare. Most dogs learn their behaviors or are reacting due to fear, anger or tension in the approaching human. Something in their past has triggered their reactions, we just don't know their stories or how they perceived the situation. Remember that gentleness, kindness, love, good temper, well modulated voice, consistency, dependability...all contribute to a good dog. If you are angry all the time, I'm sure the dog can hear it in your voice and sense your tension. If you speak with a loud, ugly voice, shouting, nagging the dog will recieve that. If you are feeding the dog one day but not the next, or the dog never knows if it's going to be fed morning, noon or night...it leads to insecurities and food aggression. If you are inconsistent with their discipline then they don't know what to do or what you expect of them. You have to remember that you are the human being with a brain. They are little dogs that have the brain capacity of 2 yr olds, except maybe working dogs that seem to have the capacity of 4-5 yr old children. So it is up to you to show your dog exceptable behavior in your family and in your home and with your friends. If you see that they are fearful of children then it's best to keep them away from children. Put them in their comfort zone (crate or room) and keep them away from visiting children. There are many reasons why a dog might be fearful of children...they are loud and noisy; unpredictable; they can play rough even if they don't realize they are doing it; some child may have hit the dog whether they did it purposefully or accidentally; they may run at the dog scaring it and think it's funny; they may pull the dogs ears or tail; etc. So, realize the problem and you think out the plan to avoid the problem in the future. If you dog likes to chew socks you can train it not to do that but you also can avoid the problem by putting your socks in the hamper in the linen closet. If your dog tears up the trash then think of a strategy to avoid the problem like putting a lidded trash can in a pantry and close the door, or in a cabinet, or empty the trash before you leave the house and leave the dog alone with it. You are the human being; you have the brain; you can think and reason; you can control your behavior; you are the master.
You will be so glad you took the trouble to get a dog! A dog can teach children so many things. Commitment, dependability (others depend on you), unconditional love, compassion for a weaker creature, faithfulness. Nothing warms your heart like coming home to a dog who is so in love with you that he/she has been waiting all day long for YOU!

That is why it blows my mind that people would raise, train and fight dogs. It's not just Michael Vick. It's a horror! And people who participate in it are usually cruel and brutal to any human that is weaker than they are...women, children, elderly, handicapped, other men who are not as physically strong as they are, etc. It sickens my stomach to see the fighting dog videos and hear the men cheering on the killing and brutality. It makes me realize how many people there are out there who would love to hurt me for no reason other than their need to feel powerful and to gorge their cruel streak. Help stop the dog fighting!

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