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Friday, August 03, 2007

Dog Rescue Transport

My sister, Elaine, and I made a rescued dog transport yesterday.

Elaine and I picked up the Mama dog and her 7 puppies from a woman who volunteers to work the Gaffney Shelter. We took them to a woman who met us halfway in Charlotte from her house. She was transporting an orange Pommie to Elaine & taking the Mama and pups to a foster home near her.

The Mama dog was some mix like a pit bull and a JRT. Not big enough for a Pit Bull but a JRT would have pulled her down in size. But she sort of had the Pit Bull face and the coloring is PB and JRT. Who knows? She looks like the RCA dog doesn't she?

Anyway, she is emaciated, full of worms. Filthy, covered in ticks and fleas. But such a sweetie. She is a great mother, taking real good care and notice of her puppies and yet, she wasn’t mean or possessive with them. I pulled puppies from her teats and she never once acted bothered or mad. She just looks at you with such trust and wags her tail. The babies are all kinds of something. Some have Boxer colorings. One baby has a cleft palate. I think it can be fixed.

We met her at a Cracker Barrel. Dog transports like Cracker Barrels. It's a pretty safe place to meet, you can eat, drink, go to the restroom if you need to. You can locate Cracker Barrels on the Internet and it gives you good directions. They are always on Interstates. They have big parking lots for walking the dogs. For safety reasons we always tell our spouses where we are going, who we are meeting and take cell phones. We keep in contact with them via our cell phones while we are enroute. My sisters and I prefer to go in pairs. Someone with us. We take the cell phone and home phone of the next person on the transport route and/or the transport organizer so that we have a contact. This is just commonsense safety. We also start with a full tank of gas so we don't have to stop enroute. You don't want to leave dogs in an unattended car, especially in hot or cold weather. Elaine and Melinda always have a crate, old beach towels/baby blankets/afghans to try and make them comfortable. They take extra leashes, collars, heavy welding gloves (in case a dog is a biter) and an emergency kit for any immediate medical care. So if you see someone walking pitiful dogs around a Cracker Barrel, don't judge too quickly. More than likely they aren't abusive owners as much as they are rescuing dogs and transporting them.

The little orange Pommie is real cute and sweet. But Elaine has her hands full with grooming. She didn’t want the dog groomed before she got her because paying someone to do it is expensive and she can do it herself. And one in this kind of shape would be shaved with clippers down to the skin. Sometimes it damages the hair follicles and the hair doesn't grow back. She scissors them. Plus, she gets before and after pics and that helps get a prospective adopters attention.

Poor thing was dropped off at a shelter drop box. He was so matted, filthy with fleas and ticks, teeth in terrible condition, eyes rheumy, a cough. So he needs a lot of TLC. But he’s really cute and sweet tempered. All in all, it was a good transport. The Mama and puppies weren't any trouble and the Pommie wasn't any trouble.

There have been dog transports that were nightmares. Dogs that are sick in your car. Extremely anxious, scared dogs whining or barking the whole time. The person on the next leg of the transport forgets and doesn't show up or an emergency occurs on the way and they can't show up (that happens pretty rarely, most rescuers are serious about this). Dogs who slip out of their leash while walking them and they are on the run again. The weather is super hot/cold or raining/snowing and yet having to walk the dogs so they can go potty. Bad traffic, getting caught in a standstill, etc.

I remember when I adopted Spunky Monkey, he was in a foster home that was 5 hours one way from me. My youngest sister, Melinda, and I drove down there on a cold November day. I fell in love with my little special needs boy and I adopted him and we started back. It started pouring rain and was cold and dark and he woke up and had to go potty. He's blind and deaf, he doesn't know where he is or who we are. We stop at a McDonalds and I crouch over him with an umbrella to give him cover so he could do his business. Well, it was too wet and cold and he refused so we hit the road again and he went back to sleep. We made it home without mishap and I named him Spunky Monkey because he is such a brave little boy. It was an exhausting trip but the end result was worth it. I had my baby boy!

Meanwhile, yesterday, I get home and could feel the creepy, crawlies on me. You have to remember that we were in contact with who knows what diseases, fleas, ticks, bad teeth (which has terrible bacteria and one sneeze and it's all over you), etc. I don't want anything and I certainly don't want to pass anything to my little protected babies. My dogs are pretty cocooned, therefore could be devastated by the diseases brought in by dogs in this kind of shape. I washed my hands 4 times while we were on the trip, PLUS I was using antibacterial hand gel over and over again. We were in Elaine's car so I'm sure she cleaned it well. If it was mine, I would be washing the steering wheel with antibacterial and spraying seats, floor, pedals, dash with Lysol. Elaine keeps a new dog like this quarantined from the rest of her pack until she determines if it's sick or not. She grooms them immediately and follows up with trips to the Vet ASAP. Dental work is done, spaying/neutering, vaccinations, heartworm prevention or treatments, etc.

I hollered at Stan from the door and got him to bring me my trusty can of Lysol. I pulled off my shoes and sprayed in, out and around them before I even walked in the door. Then I stepped in and pulled all my clothes off and threw them in the washer. I ran to the shower and bathed before I even touched my dogs. I don’t want them getting anything from the germs I have from holding the dogs, etc. I will post "After" pictures of the Pommie when Elaine does them.

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