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Thursday, July 26, 2007



I got tired today processing some fresh vegetables. My Dad had grown some squash he gave me. I got busy and cooked and processed them for the freezer. After a couple of hours I was tired but had a good feeling. It made me start thinking...

Before the mid-twentieth century, man was only able to eat fruits and vegetables during different seasons of the year. You didn't have a way to freeze, refrigerate, can, or otherwise grow and hold fruits and vegetables past a few days. Now we can buy fruits and vegetables year round. I am so thankful for that! God is good! I can have summer squash at Thanksgiving or winter squash in June. I can have strawberry shortcake in September and apple pies in May. We get lettuces shipped from all over the world right to our table so no matter what time of year it is, we can have salads. I'm so thankful that God gave man the knowledge and ability to create the technology that leads to this and we, in America, can afford to purchase such goods. I'm thankful for my husband's job that provides us the money to buy these fresh commodities and I that I have the strength, experience, knowledge and tools to make a fresh dinner every day.

Do you ever think of it that way? So many times we just get bogged down in the details and forget how very blessed we are. We jump in the shower, throw on some clothes, jump in the car, run to the grocery store and stock up. Then we unload the groceries and put them away and start supper. By the time we wash that last dish, we are tired and ready to go to bed grumbling about all we had to do today. Little do we think about how God provided all of this.

Just think...
  • We have running water, hot water to take our shower in. Thank God!
  • We have the soap, shampoo and towels to clean ourselves with. Thank God!
  • We have closets full of clothes to choose from when we get dressed. Thank God!
  • We have a car that runs and gas in it to make it to the store. Thank God!
  • We have grocery stores stocked with everything we can think of to cook and feed ourselves with. Thank God!
  • These grocery stores are on every corner so it isn't a long drive. Thank God!
  • We have a kitchen with appliances that help us store and cook our food. Thank God!
  • We have all the ingredients to make tons of different choices. We have choices on what we eat! Thank God!
  • We have sinks, running water, soap, dishwashers to help us keep our kitchens clean. Thank God!
  • God gave us the talent, strength, abilities, knowledge, experience that it takes to work in our jobs. God provided my husband with a job and with the abilities to do his work. This provides us with a paycheck. God gave me the abilities to do my job at home. I am able to cook and clean. Thank God!

So next time you get bogged down in the everyday chores. Try to stop, take a deep breath, renew your mind and THANK GOD!

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