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Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Favorite Photos of Luke

These are my favorite photos of Luke growing up. This first photo was taken by my sister, Melinda, one of Luke's aunts. I didn't have children but both my sisters let me share their children and I've been like a 2nd mother. I also am a person who has to love, it's as necessary as breathing and the way I express my love is with kisses. When they were babies I couldn't kiss them enough. Now they are grown up and I have to hold back so as not to embarrass them. I remember the first time they asked me to stop kissing them and I knew it was a sign of growing up and my heart about burst and I cried and cried. So now I kiss my dogs. And I sneak a kiss from the kids every once in awhile.

I mean look how cute, couldn't you just kiss them too?

My parents bought a farm and they, and the three married daughters, built houses out there. We were always building. Our husbands had never built anything in their lives so Dad taught them. My husband and I built a small saltbox house but added extensively to it over the 18 years we lived there. The others built barns, etc. So it was always something. And the kids grew up on the farm and around all the building. In this photo, Luke is a toddler. Stan and I were adding on to our house and they were out with us playing in the dirt. This photo of him sitting in the bowl is so cute! Notice how dirty he is in the old Carolina red clay!

Here is another time we were adding on to our house. Luke and Lee are a little older (they are the same age) but they were out there with the men. Luke insisted on having a nail apron like the men were wearing (this was in the day when you had to hammer your nails vs. the nail guns of today) and they had their toy tools pretending to saw but Luke insisted on having a real hammer. You can see Elaine's feet. She was sitting on some lumber and watching the boys to make sure they didn't get hurt.

Here is Luke at his kindergarden playground. He looks so happy!

Out on the farm, mud was "fun". Jenny, Luke and Lee loved to play in mud! Here they are sliding in a mud puddle. This reminds me of an old Tide commercial and their slogan was "This is Tide Country". Well, this was really "Tide Country". You can imagine trying to wash out these clothes. Upstate SC has red clay and it leaves all your clothes orange when you live out like we did.

My sisters were great horsewomen and I rode with them for about 3 yrs while we lived on the farm. Melinda husband, Mike, rode horses too. They tried to teach all 3 kids how to ride. Lee was the only one that really continued riding and was even in some childrens horse shows. He doesn't ride any more. But Jenny and Luke rode too and here is Luke riding.

Luke loved living on a farm and he loved to do anything that Granddaddy and Daddy did. So here he had planted some vegetables and he was digging around a little plant to show me what was growing. He was a little too impatient for things to grow.

Luke liked to work in the yards. He started at a young age mowing, etc. Here he is trying to use his Dad's tiller in our yard. He used his Dad's riding lawnmowers and tractors at an early age and we paid him to do our yard many times. It was his favorite way to make money when he was a kid. Of course, we were always there and outside with him if he was using equipment. Many times he and I worked outside together and we talked, laughed, joked. It was a our bonding time.

My Dad, Luke's Granddaddy, grew up on a farm and he is a walking encyclopedia on antique farm equipment. He goes to all the tractor shows within driving distance and we've been to many with him over the years. That meant the kids loved to go and here is Luke driving his Dad's big John Deere tractor in a Power Show at our local antique tractor show.

Here is my Dad, Luke's Granddaddy, telling Luke what he wanted mowed at the farm. Dad and Luke would use their tractors and bush hogs to mow the acres of our land. Luke was mowing one part of the field and Dad was mowing another section, so they weren't alone.
By they way, I've mowed on this little John Deere tractor MANY a time before I became disabled. It's kind of therapeutic being on the tractor out in beautiful weather. But the heat can get you during the summer! The reason I can't do it any more is because it's a hard ride and it beats your body up. Who knows if it contributed to my Fibromyalgia?

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